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Better Than a Blanket: 5 Reasons Why You’ll Fall in Love With Your Breastfeeding Shawl

In search of the perfect nursing cover up? Read five mom-tested reasons why you’ll fall in love with a breastfeeding shawl, and why it beats every other kind of nursing cover!

your breastfeeding shawl


When my daughter was about one month old, we braved the beach for a family trip. It was a gorgeous day, full of sun and sea breezes.

We splashed in the waves, buried our toes in the sand, and listened to the laughter of her brother, cousins, and family play around us.

She nestled in my chest for a nap, and I relished that glorious carefree feeling of beach life.

It was a perfect day.

Until it wasn’t.

Suddenly the clouds turned black. We picked up our towels, I hugged my baby close to me, and we all made a mad dash for cover as the skies burst.

We huddled together under a tiny pavilion. Hundreds of other beach-goers in crammed around us as we waited out the storm.

But my baby was hungry.

Now usually I’m a firm believer that when my baby is hungry, my baby eats.

But in front of all these people?

With all this noise?

And all these distractions?

There’s no way.

Luckily, I had my favorite breastfeeding shawl tucked in my beach bag.

We cuddled up in a beach chair with our breastfeeding shawl cocooned around us. As I wrapped us up and snuggled in to nurse, suddenly the crowd wasn’t so pressing, the noise softened, and the distractions melted away.

Suddenly, it was just the two of us. 

That’s the beautiful thing about breastfeeding. No matter where you are, with the right breastfeeding accessories in your bag, you can connect with your baby. In other words, there’s never a bad time to snuggle and feed your child.

I owe that moment of connection to my nursing cover! Trust me, once you get a wraparound breastfeeding shawl, you’ll never want another nursing cover up!

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five reasons you'll love your breastfeeding shawl

Why is a Breastfeeding Shawl the Best Nursing Cover?

Reason #1: Supreme Portability

Since breastfeeding shawls don’t have any bulky straps and buckles, you can stuff them pretty much anywhere! (Like a beach bag.) I like to roll mine up, so it’s super compact.

Reason #2: No-Slip, No-Fuss Coverage

While some nursing covers leave your sides or stomach exposed, wraparound nursing shawls create a 360 degree privacy layer. This is perfect for nursing in public, since your shoulders hold everything in place.

I’ve tried other nursing covers, and end up having to hold the cover with one hand and the baby with the other. It’s tricky! But with a wraparound breastfeeding shawl, you’ll have both hands free to care for your baby.

Reason #3: Stretchy Comfort

As any nursing mom knows, babies sometimes fight a good thing! What I love about a nursing shawl is that it’s made from comfortable, stretchy fabric. This means that your baby can squirm and wiggle all she wants, and there’s still room under the shawl. It really feels womb-like under the shawl, which is wonderful for helping your baby settle down to nurse.

Reason #4: Dual-Purpose Style

Nursing covers have come a long way. The new wave of breastfeeding shawls do double duty as beautiful scarves! This makes it even easier to nurse on-the-go. You can wear your nursing shawl double-wrapped around your neck, then when you’re ready just unwrap the shawl and nurse.

Reason #5: Washable

Milk stains and sour milk smells don’t stand a chance. My favorite nursing shawls are machine washable, which means that you can toss them in with that giant basket of tiny clothes with no worries!

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Three Gorgeous Breastfeeding Shawls You’ll Love

  1. Striped Infinity Nursing Scarf This is the breastfeeding shawl I had. I love it, and wore it through nursing two babies.
  2. Plaid Wraparound Breastfeeding Poncho This elegant plaid nursing shawl is perfect for dressing up.
  3. Floral Infinity Breastfeeding Shawl  The floral pattern on this breastfeeding shawl is so pretty, you’ll love it!

From beach trips, to park days, to Sunday lunches, my favorite breastfeeding shawl has saved me so many times!

What’s your favorite breastfeeding cover up? Have you given a breastfeeding shawl a try yet?

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