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Breastfeeding Cover Styles and Options

Breastfeeding Cover Styles and Options #breastfeeding #breastfeedingcoverWhile many nursing mothers don’t feel the need to utilize a breastfeeding cover, there are many others (like myself) who prefer a little coverage when they are feeding their child. When my first child was born, I only used receiving blankets thrown over one shoulder to cover when I was nursing in public. This worked in the beginning, but once my daughter grew out of the newborn stage and became wigglier, it was more difficult to keep the blanket in place. As she grew even older, her curiosity about what was going on in her surroundings could also make it a challenge to maintain my own personal level of comfortable modesty. I wasn’t aware that I had other options.

By the time I had my second child, I had discovered that there are a wide variety of styles to choose from when you are searching for a way to remain a bit more discreet in the midst of a nursing session. However, once realizing this, I also found that it can be overwhelming to attempt to decide which option will work the best for you. I thought that I’d share some selections with you, including some information that can be helpful in your decision making process.

Breastfeeding Cover Styles

      1. The Nursing Poncho or Shawl — These covers provide ample coverage because they are worn like a shirt, draping over your entire torso. Materials vary from breezy jersey knit to even bamboo! They can be found in several styles and cuts, allowing mothers to find something that really suits their personal style.  Some of the most popular options are the Dria and the L’oved Baby.
      2. The Nursing Scarf — More than an accessory, these covers are great for the fashionista mama.  Made in the style of an infinity scarf or a regular scarf with a strategically placed head hole, these are great to be worn with any outfit. Nary a person around you will guess that this part of your ensemble will actually provide just the coverage that you need when it is feeding time for baby.
      3. The Nursing Apron — This , use Promotion Code 5dacab TODAY!is the more traditional style of breastfeeding cover that you’ve likely seen before. This is also the style that I prefer to use. It consists of a large rectangular piece of fabric with a loop that is meant to hook around your neck. Squirming babies who attempt to jerk down the cover will be thwarted! These covers typically have a “peekaboo” hole created with boning so that you can look down and see your nursing child and they can see you as well. My personal favorite in this category is the brand Udder Covers. I own two of these and love them! They come in various bright  and colorful designs. You can actually get one FREE (just pay shipping) if you enter the code 5DACAB at checkout!
      4. The Nursing Sling — This style helps provide coverage not only for the front of your body, but also for your sides and your back. While it is not a baby carrier, it does make it easy to hold baby and walk around while nursing, making it a fantastic choice for when you are on the go. A popular choice in this style is the Boob*Toob.
      5. The Nursing Hat — I’ll admit that this particular option makes me giggle because it is rather different from any of the above options. The MoBoleez nursing bonnet fits on baby’s head and does not shift or slip. It’s wide brim gives coverage without being cumbersome. It does not cover as well as more traditional styles, but it gets the job done with a fun flair.

If none of these options appeal to you, if you are a crafty mama, or if you just prefer to save a bit of money, you can also make your own breastfeeding cover.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for a breastfeeding mother who wants to utilize a breastfeeding cover whether in her home or out in public.

Which breastfeeding cover style is your favorite?

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  1. I didn’t realize that there were options other than the receiving blanket or the apron and I nursed my son for almost 2 years! Thanks for the info! I think I might look into the poncho or scarf options for this little one!

  2. Dusty Shell says

    I’m glad that my post could give you more options! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. I love that nowadays you have so many options when it comes to breast feeding in public. My favorite would be the shawl. Its easy to pack when going out, and easy to wear and cover your modesty.


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