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Breastfeeding While Sick

Morning fog and crisp red leaves. Autumn is officially here. Stores are stocked with apple cider, throw blankets and cough drops. On Breastfeeding While Sick #nursing #baby #homeremedythe mornings where the temperature is a cool 48 degrees, all that is wanted is to snuggle with your warm little baby, while breastfeeding.

But what happens when sickness strikes? Breastfeeding while sick? Is this a good idea? These are questions every new mother asks.

Did you know that breastfeeding while sick, provides baby with much needed antibodies found in breast milk?

Top 3 Questions Mothers Ask

1. Will baby get sick?

Before symptoms surfaced, baby has already been exposed. Remember your body is still thinking about protecting baby, as it builds up antibodies in your breast milk.

2. Can I take medicine?

Medicine passes through breast milk. It is best to try to tackle a common cold with natural remedies. But if the natural remedies aren’t cutting it, here is a link to a list of medicine found to be safe to take while breastfeeding. Remember to practice discernment. How is baby behaving while you are taking the medicine? If you have any further questions regarding medicine, you can always call your obstetrician and they will tell you what is safe to take.

3. Should I supplement?

Unless the risks are too high to breastfeed, it is best to continue to breastfeed. Baby will actually have a higher chance of becoming sick without the much needed antibodies.

Both you and baby will benefit from breastfeeding while sick. As always monitor your symptoms. If you find yourself not getting better, or symptoms seem more serious than a virus or cold – see a doctor.

Stay hydrated and make sure you are taking in calories. Even a soup or Jello can help with energy.

As always, prevention is key. Cold and flu season is upon us. Make sure to frequently wash hands, take vitamins and keep sick people away.

What are some tips for moms who are breastfeeding while sick?


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