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Exploring the Ingredients in Similac Infant Formula

Were you aware that one of the ingredients in Similac Infant Formula is a pesticide? Most of the ingredients in Similac Infant Formula are not easy to read which makes it difficult to decipher which ones are beneficial or harmful. It is crucial to think about the overall effect that ingredients used to make formula will have on your baby. Not to mention that many of those ingredients are highly processed, man-made, or genetically engineered. Let's explore the ingredients in Similac Infant Formula to determine what is really in this product. Similac Infant Formula - Do Your Research During my pregnancy I didn't think to research about what … [Read more...]

Free Infant Formula Samples

Three days after my daughter was born, I was tired and exhausted. I had been up all night with her the previous two nights and wanted to sleep. I thought, "I wish we had bottles and nipples so my husband could give my daughter formula and I could sleep." Thankfully, I did not ask. Fast-forward to my second pregnancy. When the free infant formula samples arrived, I told my husband, "Hide them. I do not want to know where they are, and you will not get the formula unless absolutely necessary." Even though my breastfeeding relationship with my daughter was not hindered because of the free infant formula samples, I wanted them out of sight and … [Read more...]

Do I Need to Switch to Infant Formula for Colic?

Colic can be an extremely trying time during a newborn's life. Mothering a newborn can be overwhelming in the first place; adding extended periods of inconsolable crying from your baby adds a whole new dimension. Friends, family members, and acquaintances may offer advice and solutions, and one of them may be to stop breastfeeding and switch to infant formula for colic. But is that really necessary? What Is Colic? First, it's important to understand what colic is. It may be more accurate to talk about what it isn't, since colic doesn't really have a concrete definition, cause, or cure that applies to every instance. Colic can be thought … [Read more...]

How Bottles Lead to Overfeeding Infant Formula and Breast Milk

Oh, those early days and weeks of motherhood are rough, aren't they? We are filled with worry as we are suddenly in charge of the life of another human being while being sleep deprived beyond belief. Whew! We've done a lot of research prior to giving birth and now we just want to do the best we can with what works for our families. One thing that is often overlooked in all the pre-baby research, and often not even touched on by doctors, is how bottles lead to overfeeding infant formula and breast milk. You'll often hear mamas bragging in forums about how their babies are eating like champs and how they had to increase their bottle amounts. … [Read more...]

Goat Milk Baby Formula {Recipe}

So you've begun breastfeeding and for some reason or another you need to supplement with a baby formula. Which to choose? The number of formulas out there are overwhelming! All of them state that they are "close to breast milk" but if you read the back of the can, you are still confused. Does breast milk have corn syrup solids? And what if baby cannot tolerate the formula? Enter goat milk baby formula! Why Choose Goat Milk Baby Formula Perhaps in talking to your grandmother, she mentioned that she, too, used a goat's milk formula. It's said to be as close to breast milk as you can get, and it's easy for babies to tolerate if they cannot … [Read more...]

Homemade Infant Formula: Weston A. Price Foundation Recipe

When I had a breast reduction at the age of eighteen, breastfeeding wasn’t even a thought in my mind. All I wanted was relief from discomfort and negative attention. I didn’t even think about the repercussions until I was pregnant with my first born. And I certainly wasn't aware of this homemade infant formula!   Although I had every intention of nursing, I tried not to get my hopes up. Unfortunately, I didn't get much assistance from the nurses or lactation consultants after my son was born. In fact, they had me give him formula in the hospital! Our nursing experience was short and painful. At the two week mark, my son was losing … [Read more...]