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The Breastfeeding Lifeline

A Guide to Navigating the Newborn Days


Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn’t always mean it’s easy. Breastfeeding a newborn can be a challenge. There is a learning curve for both mama and baby, but with proper support and guidance, it is sure to be an empowering experience for you and your baby.

The Breastfeeding Lifeline - Cover ImageBecause the newborn weeks are so important for establishing a good breastfeeding relationship with your baby, we developed a resource to help you get off to a good start. We’ve tried to cover all the essentials for those first few weeks.

In this 100+ page book you’ll read about:

  • Preparing to Breastfeed Before the Birth of Your Baby
  • Milk Supply Basics
  • Baby Led Latching and “The Golden Hour”
  • Common Positions and Latching Techniques
  • Self-Care for Successful Breastfeeding
  • Your Breastfeeding Schedule
  • Nutrition & Hydration for Healthy Milk Supply
  • Breastfeeding Accessories: Beneficial Products for Breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding Your Premature Baby: the NICU and Beyond
  • All About Breastfeeding Twins, Triplets, and More

The eight authors of this book write at This book is one more way we aim to offer encouragement and support for breastfeeding women. We have all experienced our share of breastfeeding challenges and victories.

After you get a copy of the book, if you still have questions or run into problems, feel free to ask us for advice.

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