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“You’re not planning to breastfeed, are you?” was a question I heard all during my triplet pregnancy. But I was. At least, I sure hoped to be able to breastfeed! Why shouldn’t my trio be given the same benefits of breastfeeding as any singleton? Surely I would be able to figure something out.


Well, as a first-time mom I had little idea what to expect. I am grateful I knew a lot of friends and family who chose to breastfeed. But with our unique situation, I couldn’t wrap my mind around what nursing three babies would look like.

And so I began my breastfeeding journey. A lot of research, tears, victories, pumping, medications, herbs and patience later – my triplets breastfed till 31 months old! (You can read our breastfeeding journey in my new book, Breastfeeding Twins, Triplets and More!) It has been amazing – a gift! – and since I got to a place of enjoying it, I had no plans to stop at a year.

Of course, there is much more to our lives than breastfeeding (though with having three little nurslings I did little else for the first year!). I am totally in love with my wonderful husband, David, whom I married in February of 2010. We love serving our church together, and dreaming of the future. Neither of us could have imagined what the Lord had for us within the first couple of years, though.

Thirteen months into marriage, we were surprised to find out we were pregnant and then to find out we were pregnant with triplets. A shock, to say the least! And we welcomed them into this world at almost 33 weeks. Fast-forward to today and we have three rambunctious, healthy, energetic, two-year-olds and are attempting every day to keep up with them!

Prior to the pregnancy, I was diving into living life more simply, naturally and holistically. Having a high-risk, almost-bed-rest pregnancy made most of this difficult (if not impossible). So I had to put this on hold. Life became survival and we lived in this mode till about the time the babies DSC_0619started solids. Since then I have been on a fast track to changing our diets, eliminating toxins and basically living life as naturally as possible…while recognizing I’m only one mama and simply cannot do it all!

My husband and I founded our blog, Growing Up Triplets, so that we could share what we’re learning. Our audience is wide and our range of topics is just as wide: we cover parenting, multiples, breastfeeding multiples, natural-living and more!

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