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5 Ways to Produce More Breast Milk

5 Ways to Produce More Breast Milk #breastmilk #newborn #nursingBreastfeeding, though the most natural way to feed a baby, doesn’t always come easily to every mother. There are a myriad of factors that can contribute to a nursing mother experiencing difficulty when she needs to produce more breast milk. Having a low supply can be both frustrating and discouraging, but there are several ways to encourage your body to kick into gear and provide the nutrition that your baby needs. A mother may also merely want to produce more breast milk in order to build up a supply for her freezer for later use.

In either of these situations, a woman may need some help getting the boost in production that she is looking to obtain. There is no need to stress if this is the case because there are several ways that you can naturally encourage your body to up its breast milk supply.

5 Ways to Produce More Breast Milk

1.  Have a Nurse-a-thon
If at all possible, take your nursling and lay around in bed for a couple of days. Cut down on your baby’s solid or supplemental intake. Relax and spend as much of the time nursing as possible. Read a book, watch a movie, nap with your child. Fatigue can have a negative effect on your supply. Rest, and the increased nursing sessions just might give you the boost that you need.

2. Try a Lactogenic Herb
Many herbs such as fenugreek or blessed thistle have properties that can stimulate milk production. These are preferable to many mothers because they are natural and do not pose any harm to breastfeeding children. The herbs are typically available in various forms including tasty teas, adding to their appeal.

3. Pump in Between Feedings
Since stimulation signals the body to produce more breast milk, pumping after your child has finished their nursing session can also boost your supply. At first, you may discover that you don’t get much out during the pumping, but if you make this a regular habit, you should see an increase in your milk with time.

4. Eat Lactation Cookies
Lactation cookies are special treats that contain several ingredients believed to increase breast milk, such as brewer’s yeast, fenugreek, and oatmeal. A simple internet search will produce several different recipes, which will enable you to find the one that suits your taste buds best. This is one of my favorites. There are also other ways to include these ingredients in other types of food to help improve lactation. For some, simply eating a bowl of oatmeal in the morning will give them the desired results.

5. Check Your Diet
Are you getting enough calories? Breastfeeding takes a lot out of you: be sure to replenish the calories that it uses. Also, are you eating well? If you’re filling up on junky foods rather than healthy foods full of necessary nutrients, you could be affecting your supply. You do not have to follow a strict diet to have a successful breastfeeding experience, but if you are currently trying to increase your breast milk, you may want to make sure that you are eating reasonably well.

5 Ways to Produce More Breast Milk #breastmilk #newborn #nursing

Sometimes these methods won’t help certain mothers. If they don’t, it is best to contact a lactation consultant, doctor, or midwife to discuss other options, including prescriptions.

Have you ever tried to produce more breast milk? What helped?

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