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7 Essential Books to Get New Moms off to a Great Start

If you’re like me, you read up about birth. And then you read up about taking care of your new baby…and about feeding your baby…and potty training. Yes, I love reading.

I want to share with you today 7 books that are great additions to any new mom’s cabinet. And right now, for a short time you have the opportunity to get them all together.  These 7 books would typically cost over $60, but you can get them all for $29.95 (plus 59 other books with them!). Don’t miss this opportunity because it just lasts a few days. The sale will end on November 9th.

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1. Fearless Birth

Do you get scared thinking about the birth of your baby? I know I did. This book is a fantastic resource for expecting mama’s to help you deal with your fears and anxieties prior to the big day.

2. Natural Birth Stories

Medical interventions have skyrocketed in recent years! Now, sometimes they’re called for, but far too often they are not and they place both mother and baby at unnecessary risk. I wish I had read this book prior to having my first baby because I would have been determined to do everything I could to have a natural birth. This book is filled with beautiful stories and useful information for expecting mamas.

3. Creative Ways to Calm Your Baby

Everything will be sweet and wonderful once baby arrives, right? Well… sometimes. It depends on the baby. My second-born was an extremely fussy baby. He popped out cranky and we also found that my breast milk caused some tummy difficulties when I consumed dairy products, so mama had to give up dairy. This is a great little book to have on hand that will help you identify the type of cry and what it means and give you some ideas for calming your baby. This book is for weary mamas who need some help with their fussy baby!

4. Confessions of a Cloth Diaper Convert: A simple, comprehensive guide to using cloth diapers

Confession: I haven’t used cloth diapers with any of my kids. But, this book is THE book to have if you’re considering cloth diapering. It is the ultimate guide. All of your questions will be answered in one place.

5. Warning: I throw Food! A comprehensive guide to natural, homemade baby food

In case you didn’t know starting baby out on rice cereal and little jars of pureed baby food with sugar and chemical additives, is not the best way to move from breast to table food. Oh no, but THIS book will help get you started in the right direction. This book is more than just a a how to get started with homemade baby food, but also talks about the best foods to start with, which ones to avoid (they may surprise you), and when to get started. This is a great guide for mamas who are ready to get their little ones started on food!

6. Early Potty Teaching: A natural and gentle way to potty train your little one

You’ve probably heard more than one potty training horror story. I know I have. Learn how to make the transition as smooth as possible while getting baby out of diapers earlier than you thought possible!

7. Love the Mayhem: Notes on finding peace and laughter in the chaos of parenting

You might not need this book after the first baby, but likely you will after the second one. I think the title says it well, during this stage of chaotic schedules, lack of sleep, and crazy kiddos we need to find peace and learn to love this stage in life. This is a book to minister to your heart and soul!

Don’t miss your opportunity to snag up all of these books together for a limited time! They’d even make a great gift. Know a few ladies who would appreciate them? You can purchase 2 bundles and get the 3rd free (yes, each bundle would cost only $19.96)! 

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