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How to Apply Gentian Violet Without the Mess

Gentian violet is a plant-based dye. It stains anything it touches a lovely shade of purple. Before you use it to cure your child’s thrush, or anything else, keep reading. The information I’m going to share will explain how to apply gentian violet to save yourself a ton of trouble, and hopefully prevent a mess!

If you haven’t read my story about using gentian violet to cure my baby’s thrush, you should. I found it to be incredibly effective when even antibiotics weren’t working.

Before you make the decision to use gentian violet, talk to your doctor. Although GV is available over the counter, that doesn’t mean it’s completely without any risk. It’s always best to chat with your pediatrician before trying something new.

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How to Apply Gentian Violet Without the Mess

1. Make sure your child is wearing something that won’t break your heart if it’s stained. No matter how hard you try, you’re almost certainly going to get some on your baby’s clothes.

While you’re at it, do the same for yourself. Put on old clothes beforehand.

2. Before you apply gentian violet, cover everything. Floors, changing table, high chair, etc. Wherever you have your child when you use the GV, cover the space around it.

You may not spill a drop, but better to be prepared than to have a big purple blob all over your carpet or your furniture.

3. Strip the baby bed of all the fancy matching bedding. Babies drool, and that means anything they sleep on top of or snuggle with is probably going to get at least a little bit stained.

4. Use Vaseline, lanolin, coconut oil, or olive oil on the skin around the area where you’re going to apply gentian violet. It will act as a barrier to prevent staining the skin.

5. If you see any drops or drips on your baby’s skin, clean them up immediately.

6. Wear gloves and use a small syringe to dilute the gentian violet before you put it on your child. (Dilute it in a disposable cup.)

7. To apply the gentian violet, you can use a Q-tip. Make sure you’re wearing gloves, and that you wash your hands immediately after. Be careful to only apply it to affected areas.

8. DO NOT apply to open sores. It can (and likely will) leave a permanent stain. People call it a gentian violet tattoo.

9. Do your best to keep little hands away from it once it’s been applied.

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What To Do If Gentian Violet Stains Your Baby’s Skin

If, despite your best efforts, your child’s skin is stained, don’t panic. It will look worse than it is.

The purple stain on your baby’s face will go away on its own, even if you do nothing. Most of the staining will fade within a couple days.

Use a baby wipe on the stained area to see if it will lighten a bit.

Some parents use a Q-tip soaked in vodka or rubbing alcohol to remove skin stains. If you go that route, use it sparingly and stay away from the mouth, nose, and eyes. Follow up by wiping down the skin with a damp paper towel.

That’s the best info I have to help you apply gentian violet without all the mess and staining.

Have you tried using gentian violet? How did you prevent stains? Anything you can add to my list?

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