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Breastfeeding and Body Acne: What Can I Use to Clear it Up That Won’t Harm My Baby?

If you’re breastfeeding and body acne has got you down, I can empathize! I have breastfed three babies and during those months I have had some of the worst acne of my life. I’ve tried to use items that aren’t very natural, but it made my acne worse. Since then, I’ve discovered several natural items that can help clear up acne and keep mama and baby incredibly happy.Breastfeeding and Body Acne: What Can I Use to Clear it Up That Won't Harm My Baby? #nursing #homeremedy

Breastfeeding and Body Acne: Natural, Safe Remedies

Coconut Oil

This is one item that I keep on hand at all times. Coconut oil can be bought all natural and all organic. I know that this does not work for all skin types, but when it comes down to breastfeeding and body acne this has been a good choice for me. (See some of coconut oil’s other benefits for you and baby!)

Raw Honey

I have used raw honey as a way to help clear up body acne while breastfeeding. I have found that raw honey is made up of natural ingredients that help my body to prevent acne before it starts. To help prevent acne you have to be on top of washing your body with raw honey. You don’t need a lot and it really does work in my experience.

Soap and Water

Sometimes we choose lotions, body wash, and other products that have harsh ingredients within. I understand that breastfeeding and body acne is no fun (some of that acne can really hurt). Using a very mild soap and warm water can help clear up acne more than you ever thought possible. I also try and avoid wearing makeup or adding anything else to my face or body as the acne clears up.

All Natural Toothpaste

I don’t know if you remember using toothpaste as a teenager to help clear up acne? Well, I have found there are certain toxins in toothpaste that I don’t want on my skin. So I’ve discovered all natural toothpastes to use in its place. If I have a really big, red, irritated patch of acne I will put a dab of all natural toothpaste (like Tom’s of Maine) on it and leave it be for a few hours. This usually, in my experience, helps bring the redness and swelling down.

Lots of Water

In my case, I’ve noticed that drinking water helps to clear up my body acne. If I drink too much coffee, sugary drinks, or non-water drinks body acne likes to find me. Not only does water help clear up my body acne but it also helps to prevent future breakouts. I have to remember that whatever I put on the inside of my body might make an appearance on the outside of it as well.

Dealing with breastfeeding and body acne isn’t fun. I totally dislike when I, all of a sudden, feel a very painful patch of acne. It leaves me desperate to try anything. I try to be careful when choosing something for my body acne while breastfeeding because I want baby to stay safe as well. I hope you find any one of these acne tricks helpful!

What are your breastfeeding and body acne tips?

Jess Weaver has been a copywriter for nearly four years. She has been married for 8 blissful years, has 3 sons, and is currently still nursing her 18 month old!

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