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Breastfeeding and Intimacy

It’s no surprise that having a baby changes our lives. In a relationship, what is quickly noticed is the change in intimacy. It goes beyond the long six weeks that sex is advised against. Breastfeeding and intimacy may not always go hand in hand. But don’t worry, it’s not all bad.

breastfeeding and intimacy


I recently asked many breastfeeding mothers how intimacy has been affected since having their baby.

I must say, I am SHOCKED with just how much their love life has been affected.

The obvious growth of breast size is the first thing they mention. Their partners just LOVE IT! Throw in the heightened sensitivity and you have a fiesta.

Outside of the physical pleasure, there’s an emotional bond that evolves when a mother is breastfeeding. Just imagine, you’re watching the mother of your child- the woman who gave life to your child- sustain your baby’s life with the milk her body creates. There’s an admiration there.

On the other hand, most women say their love life has completely tanked with breastfeeding.

I am sure you agree with this one. “After a long day of holding baby and nursing constantly, I just want my space- I don’t want to be touched.” Throw in having to wear a bra while having sex, the atmosphere is not exactly liberating (unless you want a milky mess).

There’s also the fact of post-pregnancy weight gain, which can be an intimacy killer for some people. Fortunately you can lose that weight while still breastfeeding!

For some relationships the intimacy that is affected is not physical- it’s emotional. It’s something that is rarely talked about, but needs to be addressed. Many men have their own battle with insecurities and maybe even depression after baby is born.

They go from having the love of their life all to themselves, to all of a sudden being put in second place.Many breastfeeding mothers choose to co-sleep, and due to the size of the bed-or security, the man sleeps elsewhere. This is the biggest mistake a couple can make. Your man is a big part of the breastfeeding experience – take his thoughts into account.

Do what you have to do, to make sure you can stay together at night. Consider purchasing a bigger bed, or blowing up an air mattress you can put aside your bed for him.

Please remember breastfeeding is best for baby. I do not write this to scare you into not breastfeeding, I just want to shine light to the dark places. Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience.

Even though sex may not be the greatest right now, your relationship can still blossom. Take this time and grow a bond that passes the bedroom. Remind him that you love him. Give each other massages, read a book together, cook together, play peek-a-boo together. If you’re married remember your vows. For better or worse, this is a season you must go through.

What are some ways breastfeeding and intimacy has affected your relationship with your partner?

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