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Breastfeeding Scarf: Our Favorite New Accessory

Breastfeeding Scarf: Our Favorite New Accessory #scarf I admit it, I’m not the most fashion-forward mother in the world. I don’t wear make-up, I rarely do anything special with my hair, and you’re lucky if I bust out my boots in winter (instead of my toe socks and flip-flops). However, I’m a sucker for staying warm. Winter can be tricky because you want to wear clothes that make it easy to get to your breasts for a feeding, but you are also trying to bundle up so the least amount of your skin is showing. That’s exactly why the functionality of the infinity scarf had me hooked. It should be renamed the breastfeeding scarf.

What is the infinity scarf?

Imagine a long loop. This can be a crocheted loop or a fabric loop, but it is always a complete circle. They vary in size, but the best ones are long enough to wrap around your neck multiple times. They can cost any amount. I bought mine for $2 (hehehe), but the best deal I’ve seen is BOGO at a skate store for $9.

And how exactly is it a breastfeeding scarf?

breastfeeding infinity scarfIf you have a longer one that can be wrapped twice, you’re golden. Just wrap it twice, adjust the fabric over your bosoms and there you go. It’s like a cover up, only cuter!

For these pictures I am in my car outside of Starbucks. I live in Florida so it’s not often cold enough for a jacket, but it was windy the day I wore the scarf in these photos. Notice how it covers my entire chest area without me having to hold it in place.

As an added bonus it also doubles as a nursing necklace sometimes. Or how about that annoying habit where your nursling grabs your shirt and waves it around making sure to jiggle your cleavage and draw attention to the whole ordeal? No problem! The infinity scarf gives you an extra layer to play with.

Because infinity scarves are in style right now, you shouldn’t have an issue finding one. Whether you like cats, floral patterns, or require a warmer knitted scarf rest assured – there is something for everyone.

Wear Your Scarf Miss America Style!

After originally posting this article we received tons of feedback on different styles and products that used infinity scarves for breastfeeding in a different way. Instead of just using the extra fabric to cover the top of your breast, you can un-loop the entire scarf and wear it on one should like a beauty pageant contestant! I wasn’t able to get the right coverage with my original scarf, so I began my search for the perfect breastfeeding scarf.

linzy dawn designs breastfeeding scarf

I was able to find an amazing mama who works at home to create comfortable, lightweight scarves wide enough to make use of the alternate covering preference. Linzy Dawn Designs makes her scarves long and wide and from comfortable knit fabrics. They’re quite fashionable, too! You can read the review on my blog here.

I want to thank all of our loyal readers for bringing these scarves to my attention and enlightening me on this amazing way to cover up!

See this post for more on our favorite breastfeeding accessories!

Do you use a breastfeeding scarf?

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  1. I LOVE your enthusiasm about using an infinity scarf for nursing! Check us out! We make beautiful knit infinity “breastfeeding scarves” 🙂 that can be worn as you are modeling above or over one shoulder to offer coverage for mama’s side, middle and back! ~Kim~


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