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All About Nursing Pads

I will never forget the first trip we made to the mall as new parents. We had our (nursing) newborn little boy in arms, and we were joined by visiting family who were less-than-familiar with the breastfeeding life. Of course, I myself was new to this whole breastfeeding thing, but leaky bosoms and all, I was determined to “get out” and enjoy time with family.

When our little man began to fuss to be fed, I plunked down on a bench and tried to “be subtle” as we wrestled into position. Less than sure how to act about this new-to-them normal, my sweet family members headed off to a store to give us some space. When they returned, I was all buttoned up, proud that I’d been able to successfully nurse in public, and stood to join them. As I handed my son to my husband, I noticed something fluttering to the floor and discovered that one of my nursing pads now graced the tile at my feet!

All about nursing pads: what are the different kinds and which ones are best?


I wasn’t about to embarrass anyone (um, new hormonal mom, anyone?) so I promptly began walking as though I hadn’t seen a thing. Believe me, no one else said a word! For all their potential for funny stories, though, nursing pads really can be life savers. With all the bodily changes involved in having a new baby, any product that helps make life easier is welcome!

So what are the kinds of nursing pads, and which are the best? First of all, there are disposable nursing pads and washable ones, and each has its advantages.

Disposable nursing pads

Disposable breastfeeding pads are great for when you’re out and about and may need to change, but don’t want to have to cart around your used pads. These typically are made of a paper-like material, and may stick inside your bra with adhesive. One example would be Lansinoh’s pads (Nuk and Medela make their own versions), which often come in a large quantity for a reasonable price. I never finished a box of these pads, but they were great for their convenience factor!

Personally, I did find that they had a tendency to “stick” to things you didn’t necessarily want them to, and that was not comfortable, so there’s a trade-off for the convenience. In particular, the Lansinoh brand has two adhesive strips (most other brands have one), for better “anchoring” into your bra, and they don’t stick to a leaky breast.

Some may wish to avoid any additives or chemical ingredients, and Mercola makes an all-cotton pad that fits the bill. Worth mentioning, but with mixed reviews, is the Lilypadz silicone pad, which forms a sort of suction to contain the milk. While I have not personally tried this product, some moms who reviewed it mentioned that it may have contributed to having developed thrush (my absolute worst baby fear!). Others, however, loved that it can be worn without a bra and doesn’t slip around like a disposable pad.

Washable nursing pads

Many mamas find they are advocates for all-natural, washable nursing pads (and these are my personal favorite!). These are chemical-free and reusable, so they also reduce waste. Breastpads even carries fashionable fabrics for putting a little fun in the practical. While it is a bit more work to keep these pads clean and dry (and I HATE having to keep track of wandering pads in a wash load!), the breathability of washable nursing pads, combined with the natural element of all-cotton, no-chemical, no-waste features, makes them a great pick.

Although I never tried this brand, these from Babykicks look soft and luxurious, which is just what a tender self wants in a nursing pad next to her well-used and potentially sore breasts. You can even make your own! We have a tutorial, and here’s a video tutorial to try!

So what are your thoughts? Which nursing pads are your favorite, and why?


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