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16 Ways to Romance Your Husband, Even When Breastfeeding a Little One

16 Ways to Romance Your Husband, Even When Breastfeeding a Little One #romance #breastfeedingLet’s face it. Sometimes we can get a little caught up with breastfeeding and forget about our hubby from time to time, right? These poor guys end up being our “gophers” – going for this snack, that diaper change, this burp cloth, etc. And when those little ones eat ’round the clock, it can be challenging to actually make time for a little romance (let alone a simple conversation). Coming up with ways to romance your husband might not be top of your priority list – like fixing a poor latch or just getting dinner on the table is.

But with just a little extra effort, we can bless these men who are so supportive, helpful, and encouraging. Many times guys just wanna hear from us that we need them and are grateful for them. We can do this in many ways – even when we have a little one (or little ones) we’re nursing around the clock.

8 Ways to Romance Your Husband

  • Get in the car in the garage and make out like you used to. No, really, I’m serious. (Just don’t turn the car on without opening the garage door…that’d be a mood killer! 😉 )
  • Create your first date in the comfort of your own home – cook the meal you shared (or order take-out!) and re-live the event. For us, I’d make some bar-b-q and we’d take a walk around downtown. Hmmm, the babies might have to join us on that one! Or re-create your honeymoon, etc.!
  • Think of something he’s recently sacrificed for you, or done for you, and reciprocate. Massage? Grab the oil! Watched a chick flick? Pull up an action flick. Washed the dishes? Wash him… or, yeah, that. 😉
  • Get a sitter and meet him at work for lunch. This is a win-win, really: he gets picked up by his hot date, and you get to get out of your sweats and have an hour of adult conversation!
  • Call his buddy and have them come get him to hang out for a while. When he gets home, be available to chat…or whatever.
  • Get some pretty nighties and actually wear them. (Got a different bod post-baby? Join the club! Chances are, your hubby doesn’t even see the marks and sagging skin!)
  • Do dishes together at the end of the night – it’s up to you how much clothing you both wear.
  • Do a little reading and cuddling together. Hubby and I are re-reading this book. It’s not light, but makes for good conversations!!

8 Ways to Make the “Romance Your Husband” Happen

Now for some practical advice. Because, really. There is the baby. And those full (and getting fuller!) breasts. And things sometimes take a little getting used to, post-baby(ies)! Right?

  • Plan your time together to follow a feeding, if possible, so you can have some uninterrupted time together.
  • Turn off the baby monitor.
  • Let him know if/when boobs are off limits – or tell him to be prepared for a face wash.
  • Keep your bra on or have a nursing pad handy.
  • Hold your head up high and be proud of those stripes and the extra skin that carried your little one(s)! A confident woman is tempting!
  • Pick up where you left off. It may take a bit to get Baby settled again, but you’ll be glad you decided to jump back in.
  • Get creative with sitters: parents, friends, friends’ teenagers, etc. Even if it’s for a walk around the block, a drive to the local coffee shop, or time to run errands together, take advantage of offers and even ask, if need be.
  • Laugh. Being able to laugh together is good medicine during stressful times with a new baby(ies).

Having a new baby (or babies!) is often stressful and comes with a slew of challenges. You and the hubby are in this for the long haul and the time you take with each other will only strengthen your relationship.

How do you romance your husband when you’ve got a nursling to care for, too?

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  1. (Hi! Stopping by from Beauty in the Mess’s Babies & Beyond link-up)

    These are great suggestions. Right now we do our best to snatch up any extra time we can. Whether it is last thing at night when we snuggle before we sleep or first thing in the morning when we snuggle for a minute before the kids wake up. All I want most days is just to snuggle in peace and quiet for a minute, so we make it a priority.


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