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Should I Use a Baby Nursing Cover When Breastfeeding in Public?

Breastfeeding is a very personal thing between a mother and baby. There is so much love and bonding that happens when Should I Use a Baby Nursing Cover When Breastfeeding in Public? #nursingcoverbreastfeeding that it’s quite hard to describe sometimes. But when out in public it becomes less personal as others are able to see what you are doing and possibly talk to you or ask questions about it. So you may be questioning whether or not you want to use a baby nursing cover when breastfeeding in public.

Just like breastfeeding is a personal decision, so is the decision to use a nursing cover when breastfeeding in public. You have to decide what works best for you. I personally used a nursing cover quite often, while one of my closest friends never used one. This is not something we can tell you you should or shouldn’t do. But I have compiled a little list of why, or why not, you might want to use a baby nursing cover. Hopefully this list will help you make the right decision for you and your baby.

Reasons You May Want To Use A Baby Nursing Cover

  • You may prefer nobody see your breasts or feel more comfortable nursing with a cover so you don’t expose yourself in any way.
  • You may get nervous when nursing in public without a cover, and just feel more comfortable with a nursing cover.
  • Your baby may get less distracted when nursing under a cover. Some babies get really distracted out in public and stop nursing every time they see something! Under a nursing cover they won’t be able to see anything and won’t be so distracted.
  • You may prefer most people not even see or know what you are doing so it can still be a quiet, relaxed time with your baby without any questions or comments from others.
  • You may have a newborn and still be working on positioning and latch and you may want to be covered up so nobody sees anything as your baby latches or unlatches.

Reasons You May Not Want to Use a Baby Nursing Cover

  • You may not feel uncomfortable nursing in public, even if part of your breasts are exposed.
  • You may feel that nursing is natural and you should do it without covering so that others see how natural it is.
  • Your baby may not like being covered up and fuss or try to pull the cover off.
  • You may prefer to wear nursing tanks and other nursing clothing and use them to cover yourself when nursing your baby.
  • You may have a newborn and may still be working on positioning and latch and it may be easier to not have a cover while you are making adjustments and getting used to different positions.

Whether you decide to use a nursing cover or not is completely up to you (see this post for options and styles). You have to do what you feel most comfortable doing and what works best for both you and your baby. Your decision may change as your baby gets older, as well. You may prefer to use a nursing cover when your baby is small but as your baby gets bigger and older he or she may be more wiggly and curious and not like having the cover on them when they are nursing. Whatever you choose to do, be proud of your decision to breastfeed – whether covered or not.

Do you use a baby nursing cover?

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  1. Unless you are a shameless exhibitionist, you would NOT expose your breasts in public for any reason. You are not an animal so don’t behave like one.

    • Breastfeeding mama says

      How is nursing without a cover, behaving like an animal??? Closed minded much? There’s a reason we are allowed to choose, because breastfeeding is natural. It’s not like we also walk around smelling other people’s butts.

  2. Psychsarah says

    my first I never nursed in public without it. I haven’t used it yet with my second. I used to be nervous about others seeing me, but now I know I expose very little so I don’t worry about it. I always found the cover cumbersome and hot too.

  3. I have done it both ways, but now that baby and I are pretty comfortable with breastfeeding in general, I’m able to nurse without a cover without exposing myself. If the weather isn’t hot, I wear a cardigan, and it serves to cover my tummy and side when I lift my shirt. Now that it’s getting warmer, I will be using nursing tanks (or just old tank tops with slits cut in them) under my tops.

    • christina yoakum says

      I have a rather long and wide scarf I bought that i have found works nicely as a light cover and can double as a blanket and burp cloth when needed

  4. I would say do what makes you and you lo comfortable. I started with nursing covers then I started to feel more confident and purchased some new nursing clothes like the bun maternity nursing tank tops to help me feel covered but not fully exposed. Its crazy that society has to make women feel like they should feed with a blanket cover lol, but just keep doing what you have to do and build up your comfort level. Its about you and your lo when it comes to bf.

  5. It’s fine to nurse without a cover but I understand that because others can be so difficult and close minded abut it maybe you just want to feel good about it. I use bun Maternity breastfeeding tops both tanks and tee shirts. They are the best for nursing in public.


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