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Stem Cells in Breast Milk: Why Breastmilk is Liquid Gold

Stem Cells in Breast Milk: Why Breastmilk is Liquid Gold We all know that breast is best and that breast milk contains so many things that do wonders for our babies. We know that cancer patients benefit from breast milk, and the first milk (colostrum) is full of antibodies that help keep our babies healthy. What you may not know is that there are many types of cells in breast milk, including stem cells. Yes, those miracle cells can be grown into new healthy tissue!

One study indicated that breast milk contains differentiated epithelial and putative stem cells. (Via PubMed) As time goes by more studies are finding these cells transfer between mother and baby from implantation to weaning! Sadly, at this moment it is not known what stem cells in breast milk do for your baby but, just like the many other unknown components of breast milk, there is a reason for stem cells in the nourishment of our babies.

What do stem cells in breast milk mean for the future?

Right now scientists do not know for sure if the stem cells in breast milk can be cultured to create new tissues for healing. As studies continue we can all hope that these cells can be cultured into tissues as breast milk is readily available and harms no one in the process of collection.

What does this mean for your baby?

Cells have been found to survive in the digestive tract of mice and make their way into the body. Presumably, these cells also find a way into your baby’s body helping them grow strong and healthy giving them what they need for an amazing start to life.  (VIA University of Cambridge)

What are stem cells?

A stem cell is a cell from a living being that is capable of creating new living cells indefinitely. Stem cells are taken from cord blood and several other sources and used to heal. Stem cells are currently being used to heal blood disorders, metabolic disorders, immune disorders, and cancer. The possibilities of stem cells are quite possibly endless.

Isn’t breast milk truly amazing? Did you know there are stem cells in breast milk?

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