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Choosing Bottles for Your Breastfed Baby

Deciding on the right time to introduce a bottle to your breastfed baby is not only a tricky situation, but also sometimes a scary situation. Will my baby prefer the bottle over me? Will my baby never latch on to me again? Will my baby like this particular bottle? What if my baby never takes a bottle? These are just a few of the questions that you might have when you decide it's time to attempt to give baby a bottle of expressed breast milk. Choosing bottles for your breastfed baby is actually a tad bit harder than it sounds. But it is doable! Here are some basic tips.   You Don't Need A Lot of Bottles At First While … [Read more...]

6 Choices for Best Breast Feeding Bottle

When babies are born I generally tell moms to not sweat the small stuff; babies need two things - love and boobs. When planning to breastfeed a bottle may not come up on your list of things to get for your new little one. However, after a while introducing a bottle is not a bad idea. There are plenty of times where bottle feeding can come in handy such as date night or returning to work. Whichever lifestyle is right for you as a breastfeeding mother, keeping that bond is important when choosing a breast feeding bottle to incorporate. This list is composed of the most common choices for breastfeeding moms in no particular order. Each … [Read more...]

Which Breast Milk Storage Bottles are Best?

You've picked out your pump (a monumental task, for sure!). You've washed all the cute onesies. You're pretty much ready to go...oh, wait! Did you remember to pick up some of those breast milk storage bottles? You have to pump into something, right? But...which are the best? Whether you're planning to exclusively pump or just pump for an "every now and then" bottle, you'll want to have a few (or many!) storage containers in which to refrigerate that liquid gold. Breast Milk Storage Bottles - Tips and Suggestions Many companies make breast milk storage bottles. Most choices will be determined mostly by preference. But here are a few … [Read more...]

Bottle Feeding Breast Milk to Baby

Deciding on when to begin bottle feeding breast milk to your baby is a hard decision. Some mothers are unsure about whether or not they want their child to receive milk from a source other than mother's breasts; and then some are nervous that attempting to bottle feed may interfere with the nursing relationship. When it comes to bottle feeding breast milk to your baby, you should first consider why you are wanting to do it in the first place. Rather than bottle feeding breast milk because of outside pressure, have a good idea of why you want to offer breast milk bottles to your baby. Some Reasons for Bottle Feeding Breast Milk To … [Read more...]

Breast vs. Bottle Feeding

We know that breast is best -- but do we know why? If you compare breast vs. bottle feeding, which one comes out on top? Let's take a look at the two to see the pros and cons. Breast vs. Bottle Feeding - Which is Best and Why? Convenience: In terms of convenience, breast will always come out on top -- for the mom, anyway. For a caregiver, they will need to heat up a bottle, whether it's full of breast milk or formula. However, anyone can give a baby a bottle. Cost: Breast milk is free! However, if you're not hand-expressing your milk, you will have to pay for a pump, plus the bottles and storage containers, and possibly even the breast … [Read more...]