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Medela Recycles + Medela Freestyle Giveaway

Welcome to the Medela Freecycle Pump Giveaway sponsored by Medela and hosted by The Pistachio Project. Recycling has become a pretty common activity in our everyday lives. We recycle at home, we recycle at work, we even have recycling bins on the streets now! But what about the bigger items that we no longer need? Take for instance, breastpumps. What do we do with breastpumps once we are done with our breastfeeding experience? Introducing Medela Recycles Medela has heard the voices of moms and taken the initiative to create Medela Recycles. Medela Recycles is a program which takes our old breastpumps and uses each one to support the … [Read more...]

Fairhaven Health Nursing Mothers’ Giveaway!

Fairhaven Health is a company devoted to supporting families from the very beginning. From fertility information to pregnancy supplements to breastfeeding products, Fairhaven has this baby-making thing figured out! And they've graciously sponsored a giveaway for our loyal readers! One winner will receive one each of the following: Milkies Milk-Saver: This thing is a lifesaver for many new moms. You simply slip it under your shirt over the breast you're not feeding your baby with and with little effort you're stockpiling that freezer like nobody's business! You can read my review of the Milk-Saver here on my blog. Milkies Milk … [Read more...]

Zebra ERGObaby Carrier Giveaway from Thanks Mama

Do you love wearing your baby? If you haven't tried yet, you must! It can be very liberating to free up your hands for daily tasks and to have baby content and close to you. We are excited to bring you this opportunity to win an ERGObaby Carrier from Thanks Mama natural parenting store, we think you'll love it!Thanks Mama online baby store features a selection of twelve baby carrier brands, among them the popular ERGObaby Carrier. This particular brand was the one that started it all and revolutionized babywearing to be truly comfortable and suitable for every day life. The ergonomic design of this carrier supports the correct sitting … [Read more...]