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Foods That Help Breast Milk Production

Are you worried about your milk production? That’s a pretty common concern for new moms. No need to stress out, though. We’re here to help. But first, are you sure your milk production is not sufficient? Moms who use bottles to feed their babies know exactly how much they’re drinking. When you’re breastfeeding, not so much. Wouldn’t it be great to have clear breasts with ounce marks on them? Not sure how that would look in a swimsuit, but it would sure make feeding our children a lot less stressful. (Before we go any further, if you’re really feeling panicked about whether baby is getting enough breast milk, talk to your doctor.) A … [Read more...]

Top 8 Prepackaged Breastfeeding Snacks from Target

When my second child was born, my husband had to go back to work immediately. Despite the fact that prepackaged snacks are not the healthiest (since they are often higher in sugar, sodium, fat, and additives, such as MSG, artificial colors, sulfites), I still bought prepackaged breastfeeding snacks to eat while nursing my son. I bought prepackaged food so that I could quickly grab something to eat when my husband and mother-in-law were not around. Principles I used in choosing my prepackaged breastfeeding snacks were: Pick nutrient-dense foods. Choose foods that required little to no preparation. Two of the snacks I bought required … [Read more...]

(Nearly) Perfect Foods for Breastfeeding Moms

Recently, we posted foods not to eat while breastfeeding. But a girl's gotta eat - especially a hungry mama feeding two (or more)! So what are some (nearly) perfect foods for breastfeeding moms? Nearly Perfect Foods for Breastfeeding Moms raw vegetables cooked vegetables healthy fats fresh fruit "clean" protein what you're craving lots of water! Having a baby can mess with the tummy (and the rest of the digestive system!), and hospital food is notoriously not good for keeping things moving. Getting plenty of raw vegetables like celery, tomatoes, salad greens, cucumber, peppers, and even cultured vegetables (a wonderful … [Read more...]

How Placenta Consumption Can Boost Breast Milk Production

The placenta is one of the most wondrous things about birth. Once baby is born, many people sigh relief and move on, signaling the end of the giving-birth experience. But that organ that nourished your baby for their entire life until he or she came earth-side can help mama, too. Among other things, placenta consumption can boost breast milk production. Placentaphagy: the act of placenta consumption It's not as weird as it sounds. Many mammals consume the placenta after birth. Human placentaphagy has been around for hundreds of years, typically used in Chinese medicine for healing. These days there are more ways to consume your placenta … [Read more...]

What Not to Eat When Breastfeeding

When you were pregnant, you had to keep a close eye on your diet. Now that you've had baby, you may be wondering what not to eat when breastfeeding. Eating and Drinking: What Not to Eat When Breastfeeding Alcohol: You won't hear many practitioners advocating alcohol when you're breastfeeding. However, new research says you should be fine with a few drinks - as long as you're capable of caring for your baby, you should be ok to breastfeed. If you're still concerned, however, you could just wait to drink right after you've breastfed your baby. Fish: Although the rules on fish and breastfeeding are a bit more lax than they were with … [Read more...]

The Top 12 Best Foods to Eat While Breastfeeding

Congratulations! You've already chosen the best nutrition for your baby by breastfeeding! But what should you eat while producing milk for your little one? A varied diet that contains plenty of healthy options is a great way to ensure that you and your baby are getting all the vitamins and nutrients you both need. Here are the top twelve best foods to eat while breastfeeding.  Top 12 Best Foods to Eat While Breastfeeding Oatmeal - This complex carbohydrate will make you feel fuller, longer, and may increase your milk supply! Oats are rich in iron, protein, and fiber. The healthiest options are the non-instant varieties! Eggs - … [Read more...]

Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

If you do even an ounce of research you will soon notice that the list of foods to avoid while breastfeeding could go on for miles. A new mother might feel discouraged by noticing her favorite meals slowly diminishing for fear of upsetting her baby. The truth is that every baby is different and under normal situations no single food can be scratched out across the board. In fact, most babies tolerate all foods rather easily and new research even shows most mom's can safely have a drink or two while breastfeeding and caffeine is typically OK too. It is common for babies to be fussy in the first few months so don't be so quick to … [Read more...]

Apple Walnut Lactation Muffins

There are certain times during the month where my breast milk supply decreases, and my son seems hungrier. During those times, I have to nurse him more often. One thing I do to keep my supply at a "normal" level is make lactation muffins, which are a type of galactagogue. What is a galactagogue? It is a substance that increases lactation. Some other foods that are considered galactagogues include: Oatmeal Dark, leafy greens Seeds, chia, and flax Almonds If you are trying to boost your supply, you can make lactation muffins yourself. The recipe below has no added sugar, and the muffins are gluten free. Try making these … [Read more...]

Marijuana and Breastfeeding: Is smoking weed okay for my breastfed baby?

As with any parenting decision, breastfeeding your infant can sometimes be a controversial matter. Breastfeeding is not easy and it puts a lot of limits on many mothers' lifestyles. You have to control what you eat, if you drink, change your smoking habits, and decide if some of your normal activities can affect the growth of your children. Although the topic of using marijuana and breastfeeding your baby has a lot of information from both sides, it is important to weigh both the pros and cons of THC on a nursing child. First and Foremost... Consider your local laws and regulations in regards to marijuana. You should avoid illegal … [Read more...]

Drinking Alcohol and Breastfeeding: What You Should Know

Many new moms, after abstaining from alcohol for an entire pregnancy, look forward to enjoying a cold adult beverage after delivering their babies. One of the biggest concerns for many moms who are looking forward to that celebratory beer or glass of wine is whether drinking alcohol and breastfeeding is safe for their infants. There is good news for moms! Drinking alcohol and breastfeeding isn't completely off the table as was once thought. Research now suggests that it is safe to consume one or two drinks and still breastfeed. Like anything else a nursing mother puts into her body, drinking alcohol and breastfeeding is something that … [Read more...]