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Zoloft and Breastfeeding: Are They Compatible?

Before considering taking Zoloft and breastfeeding, a nursing mother may wonder if they are compatible. Will it be safe for the baby if the breastfeeding mother takes anti-depressants? Many mothers ask: Do I need an anti-depressant? Can I still take them and breastfeed my baby? Many breastfeeding mothers may find themselves in a situation where they are considering anti-depressants. Postpartum depression, anxiety, and mood disorders are all reasons that a mother may seek medical treatment. Most doctors will recommend that when the benefits to the mother's quality of life (and that of the family she is caring for) outweigh the risks … [Read more...]

Food Poisoning and Breastfeeding: Should I Still Nurse My Baby?

You had a lovely evening out to dinner with friends, but then at 2 am it hits you! Pain and nausea all at once, and you discover you must have food poisoning! After a long night of being sick your baby is now up and ready to nurse. But you are worried. "Should I still nurse my baby? Will she get sick?" Here are a few key things you should know about food poisoning and breastfeeding your baby. Can You Still Breastfeed When Sick With Food Poisoning? In most circumstances you can, and should, still continue to breastfeed when sick, including food poisoning. As long as your symptoms are gastrointestinal, your baby should not be affected at all … [Read more...]

Can You Eat Sushi While Breastfeeding?

Your breastfeeding relationship with your baby is most likely to be enjoyable for everyone when you don't have to sacrifice the foods you love to eat. If sushi is one of your favorites, you may be wondering, "Can you eat sushi while breastfeeding?" Know Your Options The word sushi actually refers to a Japanese food prepared with vinegared rice. There are many vegetarian and fully cooked sushi options which would be perfectly suitable (and healthy) for a nursing mother. You may be wondering about the risks of eating the raw fish in sushi while breastfeeding. During pregnancy, some doctors recommend mothers avoid sushi because of the … [Read more...]

Is it Safe to Diet and Exercise while Breastfeeding?

Having a baby changes so many things! Not only does it change your way of life, but your body changes also. If you are a new mother you may be wondering when you can start dieting and exercising again, so you can shed those extra pounds that you gained during your pregnancy. You may also be wondering is it safe to diet and exercise while breastfeeding. Below are some guidelines and tips for safely dieting and exercising while continuing to breastfeed. Guidelines for Dieting While Breastfeeding One very important guideline to remember is not to start dieting until after you've been nursing your baby for at least two months. Those first few … [Read more...]

Can I Drink Caffeine While Breastfeeding?

"Can I really drink caffeine while breastfeeding?" Here, hold on—let me put down my coffee while I answer this. The short and easy answer is yes, you can. The long answer gets a little more involved, and requires you pay attention to your intake and your baby's behavior. Only you will know your and your baby's limits. Many mommies can't imagine starting their morning without a beloved cup of tea or coffee. Perhaps you drink a soda in the afternoon for a quick pick-me-up. Whatever your reason, it's important to know how caffeine may affect your child through you. Factors that affect how your baby handles caffeine while … [Read more...]

Fish Oils and Breast Milk: The Benefits of Fish Oil While Breastfeeding

Fish oils and breast milk: Is it safe to take fish oil while breastfeeding? Yes! In fact, taking fish oil is recommended for nursing mothers.  The benefits are amazing, from lower risk of depression to higher IQ for baby. Why should I take fish oil while breastfeeding? Fish oil is a hot topic these days.  Everyone benefits by taking fish oil for the Essential Fatty acids.  Essential means that our bodies must get it from food or supplement.  Taking a fish oil supplement benefits mom in several ways: Memory support Heart health Joint health Mental health support Weight control Babies get even more from the mother taking this … [Read more...]

Tanning While Breastfeeding: Is it Safe?

The summer months almost always mean some fun in the sun. I personally have always loved summer because of that nice tan I always get from being out at the pool or the ocean for hours on end. Once the summer months were past and it began to cool down, I always wanted to keep that nice glow, so I would get in the tanning bed. However, once I had children and was breastfeeding, I wondered if getting in the tanning bed or even tanning outside would be safe for me to do. Would tanning while breastfeeding dry up my milk? Would it affect my milk in any way? Would it hurt my breasts? If you've wondered about these also, here is some information on … [Read more...]

Alcohol and Breast Milk: How much gets passed on to the baby?

Not long ago, I blogged about the question "Can you drink alcohol while breastfeeding?" Today, it's time to dive deeper and talk about alcohol and breast milk: how much gets passed on to the baby? Last time, I dispelled the fear that drinking alcohol while nursing would harm the baby. I mentioned that very little alcohol actually passes through into the milk—not near enough to cause baby any problems. It's time to break down the actual numbers so you can make an educated decision about whether or not drinking while nursing is for you. First of all, we need to define what a serving of alcohol is. A serving is a drink that contains .6 oz of … [Read more...]