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The Best Breast Milk Freezer Bags

When I had my twins, pumping became a way of life. I should have purchased breast milk freezer bags in bulk as soon as I found out I was having identical girls! Nursing newborn twins involved as much pumping as it did nursing and diaper changing. At times, probably more.

The first three months with a toddler and twins were rough, but they were made much easier once I found products that worked for me. My favorite swaddles, awesome baby swings, and fabulous high chairs all served to make life with three kids under 3 run a lot more smoothly. Since pumping was such a big part of my life, happening after every single nursing session for the entire first month, you can imagine that I became quite the connoisseur of breast milk freezer bags.

Which are the best breast milk freezer bags? Here's one mom's recommendation!

The best breast milk freezer bags on the market are Lansinoh.

I messed around with different freezer bags before I found Lansinoh’s. They were by far my favorite. The double zipper ensured the milk was always secure and froze well. The upper flap was easy to write on and note the date and number of ounces clearly. I also liked that the writing space was above the zipper and not on the portion of the bag that contained the milk. It made it easier for me to make notes after the bag was filled.

I also found these breast milk freezer bags to be the easiest to pour into a bottle. So important! I definitely cried over spilled milk several times when attempting to use some other bags, but the Lansinoh bags were easy to open and created a natural lip that poured easily into the bottle. Truly a life-saver. And the bags froze really well flat, which saved us a ton of freezer space.

What has been your experience? What are your favorite breast milk freezer bags?

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