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The Benefits of Breastfeeding Support Groups

When you are a first time mom, there are so many things that you just don’t fully understand or things that you simply do not know because you are new to all things parenthood.

Many of these things will come to you naturally. Your maternal instincts will kick in and you will just follow them intuitively.  Others will come because you have great examples to model–your mother, grandmother, friends, sisters.

Sometimes despite all of this, you still may need or want a group of like-minded women to help you along the way. Sometimes you may find yourself with little support due to differing parenting ideals, lack of family nearby, or a variety of other reasons. That’s when a support group is a great source of comfort and encouragement.

The Benefits of Breastfeeding Support Groups - Breastfeeding Place

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Breastfeeding support groups are fantastic for women who have never breastfed before or for those who are nursing veterans but desire to reach out to help those who are not. Some of the benefits of participating in one of these groups are:

1. They’re about more than breastfeeding.

Yes, the central idea is that you will find advice and support dealing with breastfeeding tips, concerns, etc., but in these groups there will be moms in varying stages of life.  That brings about all sorts of parenting discussions about things like baby sleep patterns and/or troubles, newborn behavior, working outside the home, staying at home, what is normal, co-sleeping, pediatrician recommendations, and many more general parenting topics.

2. They build community.

It’s a great thing when you can find a group of women that are in similar stages of life as you. It opens doors to build friendships, create life long relationships, find shoulders to lean on, receive valuable feedback, and so much more. Many women are wading through the waters of breastfeeding all on their own and depend on these groups for support. Here is another post discussing this aspect of breastfeeding support groups.

3. They provide a safe space to ask uncomfortable questions.

If you are wondering if it’s normal to leak milk during intercourse, if it’s safe to taste your own breast milk, or if it’s really okay to use breast milk to treat various ailments but you aren’t quite comfortable asking your doctor, then a group of women who are likely wondering about the same things is the best place to be!

4. They will have live examples.

If you are a pregnant mama or if you have a brand new baby and you just can’t seem to grasp how breastfeeding should look when it comes to holding positions or latch, then you can get a direct example in these groups! Most women will not mind at all to demonstrate with their own little ones these things and if you are a visual learner, this can be extremely helpful!

5. They may help you breastfeed longer.

Having the support you need during this stage of motherhood can increase your chances of continuing your nursing relationship longer than you might have without it. So many women give up in the early stages simply because they had questions that no one around them could or would answer. With a group of like minded women on your side, there to assist you as they can, you just might give you the boost you need to go for the long haul or at least to your personal goal.

Breastfeeding support groups are great tools for any nursing mother whether she is a newbie or a veteran.  To find one near you, you may want to start here.

Did you attend a breastfeeding support group?


*Photo is a derivative of “New moms participating in a group discussion with WIC counselor” by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, used by CCBY 2.0

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