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Is Weaning Breastfeeding Pain Normal?

Weaning breastfeeding pain is normal, varied among women, and different than typical breastfeeding pain. It's different because the pain is not from feeding your baby but from transitioning her from one source of nutrition to another. The most likely offender of weaning breastfeeding pain is engorgement of the breasts. Many of us enjoyed larger breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the most vibrant and womanly we've been. However, weaning engorgement isn't sexy-- it's just a pain! To avoid this, take weaning slowly. Maintain your child's morning and evening routines of breast milk intake. But select one feeding during the day to not … [Read more...]

When to Begin Breastfeeding? The First 6 Hours

When to begin breastfeeding? It's important to start within the first six hours after birth. The importance of breastfeeding within the first six hours is found within the top four benefits to mom and baby. Welcome to the "Power Hours"! Oxytocin:  Your baby is born and placed upon your chest, you take mental pictures of your baby's 10 perfect fingers and 10 perfect toes and real photos too. You say your first "hello" and then offer your breast to your baby. You gift your baby the best start to life they can receive and help release oxytocin within your body too. Oxytocin helps your uterus to continue to contract and funnels breast milk … [Read more...]

Night Weaning: An Alternative Perspective

Has there ever been a mama who longs for the night when her child will wake up more than a dozen times?  Has there ever been a mama who relishes spending more than half of her night attached to her thirsty babe?  Being a nursing mama is a night and day job.  And it is hard work!  We all look forward to the time where the whole house gets to sleep through the night. Many moms are told that night weaning, or not allowing babe to nurse until morning, is the solution to long nights.  So should you night wean?  Will night weaning help baby sleep?  Will it help mama sleep? Is it Time for Night Weaning? Our pediatrician told me to night wean … [Read more...]

Weaning Baby Off Breast Milk Before Six Months

Sometimes there are factors outside of one's control that lead to weaning baby off breast milk before six months. It can be disappointing and disheartening. Nothing tops the bond felt while breastfeeding. However, sometimes, a bottle of formula is what's best. There are no hard, fast rules as to how to wean baby off breast milk before six months; however, there are two tried and true ways that have historically worked best. The Top Two Ways of Weaning Baby Off Breast Milk Before Six Months 1.  Enlist the help of your spouse or that of a close relative. My body wasn't producing enough breast milk: it was time to wean my second child. … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding While Pregnant: How to Make it Work

Breastfeeding while pregnant: Is it possible? Women's bodies are wonderful and they can do amazing things! Did you know that a woman's body will protect itself, and an unborn baby, by shutting down its milk supply (for a child that's been born) to nourish the growth of one that's in utero? I didn't know this until I lived through it, sequentially, twice!     I nursed my firstborn for six months, and he and I benefited immensely. However, as my boy made it to the halfway point of his first year, nursing took a turn:  It had been a pleasure, nourishment for souls and bodies alike, until it began to feel as though I was … [Read more...]

Lanolin Allergy: When Nipple Pain Isn’t Normal

What is Lanolin? Many women have no idea they have a lanolin allergy until they begin nursing.  Made from sheep's wool, lanolin is a common ingredient in many lip balms and other beauty products.  It is also the main ingredient in most nipple creams.  Lanolin can cause a painful allergic reaction in some women when applied to sensitive areas, like nursing nipples. How do I know if I have a Lanolin Allergy? There are many reasons that new moms experience nipple pain that are not a lanolin allergy.  Sometimes it's just the initial "learning to nurse" pain.  Nipple pain could also be caused by thrush, a kind of yeast infection that is … [Read more...]

Dads and Breastfeeding: How to Help

Many new parents may believe that dads and breastfeeding don't mix.  Dads can't supply the milk, so they can't have anything to do with the breastfeeding journey.  My husband and I have found this to be 100% false!  We have both loved our breastfeeding experience. It has helped us to feel closer to each other and to our baby girl. Here are some of the many ways that you, Dad, can participate in breastfeeding. Bring me the Baby Yes, she might be in the bassinet right next to my side of the bed, but it is so helpful when you gather her up and put her in my arms.  It gives me a moment to get settled myself and ready for her without … [Read more...]

How to Breastfeed in Public: A Primer for the New Mom

One of the many challenges with learning to nurse your baby is learning how to breastfeed in public. It's hard enough for a new mama to breastfeed alone, in a quiet place, let alone doing it with other people around! It's understandable to feel awkward or embarrassed when you breastfeed in public, especially the first few times. But like any skill, with a little practice you'll soon feel comfortable and at ease feeding your baby whether you're at home or out and about. Choosing to breastfeed in public can be made simpler by utilizing the following tips. Talk with a lactation consultant--or a friend who has experience breastfeeding in … [Read more...]

21 Breastfeeding Facts that will Blow Your Mind

I’m going to share some breastfeeding facts that I think may surprise you. Some are fun, some are interesting, and some are important to know. If a list exists to rank the most wondrous things a human being can do, nursing a baby has to be in the top 5. Women can make people and then feed them - with no help from anyone. It’s miraculous, isn’t it? Take a look and let me know if these breastfeeding facts taught you anything new about nursing your child. I hope so! Breastfeeding Facts 1. Breastfeeding saves the average American family about $2000 to $4000 a year because they aren’t buying formula. 2. It takes around 1000 calories … [Read more...]

7 Rules to Delay Your Period While Breastfeeding & Postpone Fertility

After delivering your little bundle of joy, you may begin to wonder when you will be fertile again. Some women don’t get their period back for a while, and others seem to resume their period like clockwork shortly after baby is born. What causes a delay in resuming your period while breastfeeding? Why do some women become fertile very soon after delivering a child while others can’t get pregnant for a months? In talking about fertility and breastfeeding, it seems that there are two major schools of thought, neither of which is fully accurate. Many women believe that any amount of breastfeeding prevents pregnancy, and are surprised to … [Read more...]