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What is Breast Milk Jewelry?

What is Breast Milk Jewelry? #jewelry #breastfeeding #accessoryNot too long ago, I stumbled across a discussion about breast milk jewelry. I was baffled. What is breast milk jewelry? I soon discovered it’s exactly what it sounds like. Breast milk jewelry, also known as breast milk pendants, are keepsakes of your body’s most precious gift to your baby: your breast milk.

How is Breast Milk Jewelry Made?

Although each artist has their own unique system for creating breast milk jewelry, the overall process is similar. You express about 2 tablespoons of breast milk into a baggie, then send the small sample to the jewelry artist. The artist then takes steps to preserve or prepare the milk, molds it into a shape, then places the breast milk into resin for permanent protection. Some artists will press the milk into a locket and coat it with a protective glaze. If you order a kit, you can even do it yourself. The homemade process will be a little different as it requires the use of solvents; the jewelry artists use only your pure breast milk and do not mix it with any chemicals.

What Kind of Jewelry Can Be Made?

Although most artists make pendants for necklaces, you can find breast milk charms for bracelets, breast milk lockets, breast milk-filled silver, breast milk bangle bracelets, breast milk earrings, stamped “lucky” pennies with your breast milk added on, breast milk rings, and my personal favorite, breast milk pearls. For simple resin pendants, most artists will let you pick the shape you want your breast milk to be in. And because everyone’s breast milk is different, your jewelry might be white while a friend’s might turn out more cream-colored. The exclusive properties of your milk make the jewelry one-of-a-kind.

Where Can I Buy Breast Milk Jewelry?

If you want to create a keepsake of the bond you shared with your baby during breastfeeding, you can check out these stores and order a custom piece, or you can purchase one of the DIY kits from their stores:

You can also try your hand at buying your own supplies and doing the whole process yourself, following this great and very thorough tutorial at Boobs Half Full:

What do you think about breast milk jewelry? Cool? Cute? Heartwarming? Kinda weird? What type would you order?

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