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Breastfeeding While Pregnant: How to Make it Work

Breastfeeding while pregnant: Is it possible?

Women’s bodies are wonderful and they can do amazing things! Did you know that a woman’s body will protect itself, and an unborn baby, by shutting down its milk supply (for a child that’s been born) to nourish the growth of one that’s in utero? I didn’t know this until I lived through it, sequentially, twice!


breastfeeding while pregnant: how to make it work


I nursed my firstborn for six months, and he and I benefited immensely. However, as my boy made it to the halfway point of his first year, nursing took a turn:  It had been a pleasure, nourishment for souls and bodies alike, until it began to feel as though I was running dry. It felt like my life-force was being suckled right out of me!

Did you know young calves will bump their heads into their mother’s front and rear udders, dependent upon what teats they’re drinking from, in order to help express more milk into their hungry mouths? In the same way, my newborn started tapping the top of my breasts with his hands, trying to express more milk into his mouth! Instead of relaxing and receiving milk with ease, it became a workout for both of us. Where had the serene joy within breastfeeding gone?

For four months I breastfed and mothered one child, but, unknown to me at the time, the fifth month found me pregnant with my second! By the sixth month, my body began turning its attention to growing and nourishing a new baby within rather than feeding the child that had been born.

Fortunately, my firstborn was beginning to eat solid foods, and the introduction of formula was an easy transition. He ate appropriate foods for an infant, and willingly drank in something new, satisfying his hunger. As for my body, it went from over-extension to mothering well the child in front of me while simultaneously growing another child inside of me. Breastfeeding while pregnant didn’t work well for me and my babies, but it is possible to do it successfully!

Breastfeeding while pregnant: Can it be done?

Some women are able to breastfeed while pregnant while some, like me, haven’t been able to. Whichever camp you find yourself in, you haven’t failed if your body shuts down its milk production.

What we know, and science has proven, is breast milk is best. If you were only able to breastfeed six months, or less, you still gave yourself and your child the most beautiful, natural, helpful, and health-filled gift one can receive: undeniably, the best start to new life!

breastfeeding while pregnant

Breastfeeding while pregnant and the top 3 things needed to make it work: 

  • A high caloric intake and plenty of fluids.
    Drink 12, 8 ounce glasses of water a day.
    Eat 3 to 5 meals and snacks per day, and increase your caloric intake by 300 to 500 additional calories with the food choices you make.
    Eat a variety of foods and lean towards those high in fiber: Fruits, veggies, whole grains.
  • Pampered nipples.
    No secret here: Pampered nipples make for easier feedings! Be sure to treat your nipples right. You might not be able to afford spa treatments for the whole of who you are; but, you can afford to give your nipples ongoing, spa-like treatments at home: Spread on some nipple cream, treat your breasts and nipples to cool or warm compresses (dependent upon your preference) and wear bras that don’t chafe (or squeeze you in) but are sized to fit.
  • Taking cues from your body and baby; sometimes, the continuation of breastfeeding is as simple as implementing supplemental foods for the infant in your arms.
    Maintain your schedule of breastfeeding but follow-up all breastfeeding sessions by offering your baby appropriate foods based upon his age. Your breasts will continue to be prompted within their milk production and your baby’s appetite will be satisfied too. All involved (you, infant in arms, and baby in utero) should remain healthy and growing right on track!

Have you breastfed while pregnant? What did you do to make it work?

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