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Babies, Bottles and Breasts: The Best Breast Pump for Twins

Ideally, all moms of multiples could breastfeed their babes--simultaneously--without a hitch. But, in reality, there are innumerable difficulties which can spring up and make breastfeeding difficult (or even occasionally impossible) for mothers of multiples. Twins are more likely to spend time in the NICU, where they are often tube-fed or intravenously fed, and sometimes complications from surgeries or prematurity continue even after the babies are brought home. Consequently, many mothers of twins end up pumping, either temporarily or permanently, for one or both babies. If you find yourself facing the prospect of spending hours in front … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Cover Styles and Options

While many nursing mothers don't feel the need to utilize a breastfeeding cover, there are many others (like myself) who prefer a little coverage when they are feeding their child. When my first child was born, I only used receiving blankets thrown over one shoulder to cover when I was nursing in public. This worked in the beginning, but once my daughter grew out of the newborn stage and became wigglier, it was more difficult to keep the blanket in place. As she grew even older, her curiosity about what was going on in her surroundings could also make it a challenge to maintain my own personal level of comfortable modesty. I wasn't aware that … [Read more...]

My Favorite Breastfeeding Accessories

Every mom needs her "mom gear!" And, while some items are necessities, others are simple luxuries. Breastfeeding calls for some new things, and this list showcases the nursing items I can't live without -- my favorite breastfeeding accessories. Nursing Cover - I'm not one of those women who feels comfortable nursing in public or at home with guests without some kind of covering. And for nursing covers, the bigger the better. I initially used a sort of drape that covered my front and back. However, the neck was so wide, it was easy for baby to pull down, and the cover didn't go quite low enough to cover me if baby was kicking a lot. I then … [Read more...]

Are There Special Breastfeeding Clothes?

Breastfeeding a baby around the clock can prove to be quite difficult if you don't have the proper clothing. Some regular clothing will work fine for breastfeeding, but there is a lot of clothing out there that is made specifically for breastfeeding mothers. If you are wondering what types of breastfeeding clothes you will need, here's a short list of what I consider "must-haves." Types of Breastfeeding Clothes Nursing Bra A nursing bra is pretty essential when breastfeeding. Regular bras are really hard to breastfeed in. I have tried and it just doesn't work. Nursing bras have a clip at the bottom of the shoulder strap that connects … [Read more...]

Tips for Choosing a Breast Pump

Many breastfeeding mothers will find use for a breast pump at some point in their nursing years. Choosing a breast pump can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, though. They all look so similar and use such interestingly descriptive words! Let us help you navigate the breast pump waters. Choosing a Breast Pump Breast pumps, though certainly not necessary, can be great tools for relieving a bit of engorgement, keeping your supply up should you need to go on medication, or having some breast milk stored in the freezer for times you may be away from your baby. There is a huge variety in pumps, though, and it can be overwhelming for a mom to choose … [Read more...]

5 Practical & Stylish Breastfeeding Tops

Breastfeeding can be challenging at times, especially if you are a new mom. The last thing you should be worrying about is finding breastfeeding tops that are practical and stylish. During my past 11 years of breastfeeding, it often felt like I was on 'Mission: Impossible' when I set out to find a breastfeeding top I liked. Finding something functional and fashionable can occasionally be difficult. So, I'm hoping to ease that task for you by offering five suggestions I feel are practical and trendy, and perfect for the cooler weather. Plus, these are all available to purchase online, making it even easier for you—no packing up the baby and … [Read more...]

Win an Ergobaby Carrier!

  wOOhOO! I'm so excited about this giveaway. Breastfeeding Place has teamed up with Roz from Real Food Family to spread the word about her DIY Baby-Wearing Wrap Tutorial and Ergobaby Giveaway! What mom can survive without a safe, comfortable baby wrap, sling or carrier? You can check out Real Food Family's DIY Baby-Wearing Wrap Tutorial where the giveaway is being held, or enter the Ergobaby Giveaway in the box below. a Rafflecopter giveaway … [Read more...]

20 Tips for Pumping Breast Milk

Expressing breast milk can often seem like an impassible mountain. Once you get the hang of it, though, you'll be able to pump in your sleep! Here are some tips for pumping breast milk. Keep in mind you can usually spend less time pumping with a hospital-grade pump but may end up pumping for longer periods of time with a consumer-grade pump. Also, it's highly recommended to use a new consumer-grade pump if you end up going that route (I recommend this one). It's tempting to borrow from a friend, but most consumer-grade pumps have internal parts that cannot be sterilized. This can contaminate your breast milk! Ew! Additionally, most … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Own Nursing Cover

There's a lot of chatter out there about whether or not a breastfeeding mother should cover up while out in public. In my opinion, it is strictly optional. But if you're going to do it, do it in style. Make your own nursing cover! Now there are several companies out there that offer fashionable covers in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs. But if you're harder to please (or just plain crafty) then I've go the cure for you! I'm no professional seamstress, but today I'm going to show you how to make your own nursing cover. This project is very easy and you will need the following items: Fabric in your choice of color or … [Read more...]

Breast Milk Freezer Storage: Your Question Answered

Dear Rando, I've got some questions for you.  I am preparing to go back to work and my plan is to pump while I am at work.  I have a ton of questions on breast milk freezer storage - how to pump at work, how can I store it, can I freeze it? Thanks, Confused and Overwhelmed Dear Confused and Overwhelmed, First, thanks for writing to me.  You are my official first write-in question posting here on the I'd love to talk to you about storing your pumped milk and what I am going to tell you is the process that I used myself to store my own. A little back story for ya. I went back to work when my … [Read more...]