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How to Donate Breast Milk

Many people don’t realize that they can donate their breast milk to help babies in need. It is really a pretty simple process, but some forethought does need to go into it. This post explains how to find a local milk bank and details the process from start to finish to donate your breast milk.

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  1. Thank you for this post! I have been considering donating milk, and this was very helpful!


  1. […] Having the ability to help is indescribable, I’ve even donated to people I’ve never met! I sent three dry ice packages down to the victims of the 2013 Moore, Oklahoma tornados through the Eat on Feets – OK […]

  2. […] Sometimes mothers find their supply takes a hit with partial or exclusive breastfeeding. This may happen because the baby is far more effective at removing milk than the pump is. If you notice this happening, you can increase your breast milk supply naturally. Some women, though, find they never need to increase but rather have an oversupply. If this happens to you, you may want to consider donating to a baby in need! […]

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