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How to Get Paid for Breast Milk Donation

I like donating to a milk bank because all of the donors are carefully screened, the milk is regulated, and I'm confident that needy babies are receiving the breast milk donations. However, I also like the idea of getting paid for all that liquid gold! Unfortunately, that is only an option through private breast milk donation. I'm not opposed to private donation, I've done it already myself, but there are some risks since things aren't as regulated. If you want to donate breast milk, you have to choose. Do you want things regulated or do you want to do get paid? Thanks to the Mothers Milk Cooperative in Oregon, you don't have to choose … [Read more...]

Mother Donates Thousands of Ounces of Breast Milk, Part 2

If you missed the first part of this story - how this mother has donated thousands of ounces of breast milk, you can read it here. Mother Donates Thousands of Ounces of Breast Milk - and How You Can, Too! In what ways has this been a rewarding experience for you? There are not enough words to describe how rewarding the experience has been for me over the past 16 months. The honor of helping three Minnesota families has been amazing. Having the ability to help is indescribable, I’ve even donated to people I’ve never met! I sent three dry ice packages down to the victims of the 2013 Moore, Oklahoma tornados through the Eat on Feets - OK … [Read more...]

Mother Donates Thousands of Ounces of Breast Milk, Part 1

Lisa’s story caught my eye in a cloth diaper group recently when she shared her bittersweet moment of the last few ounces of milk she will be donating. In total, this mother donated over 5,000 ounces of life giving breast milk to three families providing valuable nutrition that can not be beat. Today she is sharing her story with us. Mother Donates Thousands of Ounces of Breast Milk What made you decide to donate breast milk? The nurses in the NICU were my tipping point. I had an oversupply with my daughter due to her NICU hospitalization and took well to pumping. We eventually used up my freezer stash with her when I returned to work, … [Read more...]

How to Donate Breast Milk

Many people don't realize that they can donate their breast milk to help babies in need. It is really a pretty simple process, but some forethought does need to go into it. This post explains how to find a local milk bank and details the process from start to finish to donate your breast milk. Read more at...How to Donate Breast Milk Sharing at My Joy-Filled Life. … [Read more...]