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How To Produce Breast Milk When Your Supply Drops

So, you started out breastfeeding your baby and built up your supply. Everything was going well, but now you feel like your supply is dropping and you’re wondering how to produce breast milk that is plentiful enough to keep your baby satisfied.

Breastfeeding is all about supply and demand. If you are not putting baby to the breast, or regularly pumping, your supply will drop. Maybe you’ve started letting your baby have more bottles, maybe baby is now eating solids, whatever the reason, there are a few things you can do to get your supply back up.

How to Produce Breast Milk When Your Supply Drops

How to Produce Breast Milk When Your Supply Drops


Eat Enough Calories

As busy moms it is so easy to forget to eat! I’ve been there. During pregnancy I cannot forget to eat, but even when I am exclusively breastfeeding I find it hard to remember to eat regularly. If you don’t eat enough, and if what you are eating is not healthy, your body will struggle to make milk. Ideally, you need about 500 extra calories a day when you’re breastfeeding. You could drink an extra smoothie or indulge in some healthy, quick snacks.

Drink Plenty of Water

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. Make sure you are drinking enough to quench your thirst. Keep a water bottle with you at all times, especially when you are out of the house.

Put Your Baby to the Breast

This is going to be the biggest factor in producing breast milk. Put your baby to the breast as often as possible. You may have to set aside the bottles and pacifiers. If your supply is dropping, having your baby stimulate your breasts should tell your body to produce more milk. I would nurse at least every 3-4 hours, and more if baby demands it.

Learn to Relax

Sometimes when I am very tense, I find that the milk is more reluctant to let down. Relax your shoulders while you nurse. Think about things that make you happy. Sometimes all I have to do is visualize the milk coming down to have a let-down.

Eat Lactogenic Foods

There are a few different foods that are known for increasing breast milk production. Oatmeal, Fenugreek made into a tea, and Brewer’s Yeast are a few known to help with lactation.

What if my milk supply is still not increasing?

If your baby is not gaining weight or having enough wet diapers, you need to get help from a professional. I would not recommend taking any medications to produce breast milk without first consulting a lactation consultant. 

Remember, as your baby gets older he will need less breast milk and your body will naturally regulate your supply based on your baby’s needs. Even if you have to supplement to keep your baby full and happy, know that any breast milk you’ve provided for your little one is an amazing gift!


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