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My Boobs Do What? 5 Little Known Breastfeeding Facts

We all know how great breastfeeding is, right? It’s probably one of the most amazing gifts God has given mothers to put in our mothering tool belt. But, what if I told you that your amazing milk-producing glandular tissue was capable of even more wonderful feats than you previously imagined? No, they cannot clean the kitchen for you, or play taps, but they are certainly magnificent!

Your boobs do what! 5 Little Known Breastfeeding FactsWhat if you learned a fact that was a game changer for you? If you are on the fence about whether or not to breastfeed, then pull up a chair, drink a glass of bubbly and set a while with me. If breastfeeding feels like a no-brainer for you; well, this article will still suit you just fine and only reiterate why your choice feels like the right one for you and your baby. Allow me to share a few little known breastfeeding facts with you. Now, where is that glass of bubbly when I need it?

5 Little Known Breastfeeding Facts

1. Your areolas excrete fluid too! And it smells like where your baby has lived for 9 months.

That’s right ladies! Those big dark bulls-eyes that you have right in the center of your fleshy womanly upper-parts actually do more than look like you dipped yourself in a bowl of chocolate frosting. The Montgomery glands, those tiny bumps on your areola, actually secrete a fluid smelling just like amniotic fluid. Do you know why this is so incredible for your baby? In a world suddenly bright, cold, and miserably hunger-and-thirst creating, your areolas are like a beacon in the night, an oasis in a desert, calling them by name. And when they snuggle down to take a sip, it tastes just like home.

2. How much milk you make has nothing to do with the size of your breasts.

I know, I know, you ladies with DD’s were thinking you might have one up on those of us less well-endowed. But, rest assured my fellow members of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee(I’m the president), we can make enough milk for our babies too! You see, a larger breast is simply a breast with a higher amount of fatty tissue, not necessarily more glandular tissue.

3. If your baby is sick, your breasts are wicked fast at producing antibodies.

How fast exactly? Well, let’s just say that during one feeding, as your baby introduces to you (via your nipple pores) a cold virus they picked up from that slobbery toddler toy at daycare, your body turns around and gives antibodies right back to baby (in that very feeding) to help baby recover from that illness, or perhaps not even appear sick. This is one of the big benefits of breastfeeding for baby!

4. Many years ago, breast pumps resembled a certain kitchen tool.

turkey bastin breast pump

Thank the good Lord above for innovations in the breast pump industry. How would you like to have this sucking on your breast? Turkey basting anyone?

5. A baby can crawl and latch on to your breast unassisted after birth.

This is perhaps one of the most fascinating things about babies and breastfeeding. It’s called the breast crawl. For the love of Pete, Suzy, Johnny and Mary, go and watch this video!  No matter what type of birth you have had, virtually any baby is capable of this great accomplishment.  It is biologically normal, and superb all at once.

Take a glorious moment girls, with your girls (the ones in your over the shoulder boulder holder), and bask in the awesomeness that is your breasts and their incredibility. These are but a few of the amazing facts about your breasts.

We are truly “fearfully and wonderfully made!”

This is moi: breastfeeding, birthing, butt-kicking, Jesus loving, woman of God, who happens to be married to a hot Coastie and has four fabulous mammy-hackers. I'm a "boobie doc" and birth junkie(aka lactation counselor and birth doula) and have no plans on weaning, ever. As in, I am thinking college might not be quite long enough for my youngest to gain full independence.


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