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Recipes and Tips for Breastfeeding and Paleo

Breastfeeding and Paleo Diet, Part 2 - Breastfeeding Place #primalrecipes #nursing #healthyfoodAre you considering a Paleo approach to your eating as a breastfeeding mom? Have you looked into this lifestyle as a way to improve your own health and wonder how to approach it while nursing your baby? We introduced the idea in this article where I determined that breastfeeding and Paleo can definitely be compatible, and today I’d like to share some tips with you on incorporating the Paleo eating plan into your breastfeeding lifestyle, as well as give you some yummy recipes to get started!

Breastfeeding and Paleo – Getting Started

Any lifestyle/diet change can seem overwhelming at first. If you’re new to the Paleo mindset, do some research first to make sure it’s a good fit for you. While there are many proponents and many reasons for choosing it, it’s important to make sure you understand what you’re getting into, and why.

Already did some homework and wanting to give it a try? Here are some helpful hints.

Tips for Breastfeeding and Paleo

Go for simplicity.

Making a salad is just as fast as throwing a pizza in the oven, and it doesn’t heat up the kitchen. Throwing together some vegetables in a pan with a whole chicken to roast takes no more hands-on time than cooking up a pot of pasta with a jar of pre-made alfredo sauce. Grabbing a handful of raw almonds is at least as handy as chowing on a store-bought cereal bar. But in each case, most of us would feel much more nourished after the first choice! Personally speaking, I find it much easier to get proper nutrient content when I’m eating Paleo-style, when I’m choosing real, unprocessed, whole foods.

Don’t fall for gimmicks.

Often when starting a more balanced diet, we get sucked into the marketing ploys designed to entice us to spend more money on products someone else has already made. Truthfully, if we focused on a diet made of mostly “real” food (fruits and vegetables in their raw, natural state, meats cooked simply with a variety of herbs and spices), we would have a rich, nutrient-filled diet. (We’d also probably lose our baby weight faster, an unnecessary but pleasant perk!)

Eat for nutritional value.

As with any eating plan, it is always important to make sure you get the proper nutrition, and especially so for a breastfeeding mama. Calcium, for instance, is vital to a healthy breastfeeding diet. While some national sources recommend dairy as a vital source for calcium, if you choose to go dairy-free, you should make sure to consume high quality sources such as eggs, coconut milk, sesame seeds, collard greens or spinach (one cup of cooked spinach, for example, has more calcium than an ounce of cheddar cheese). (For a great breakdown of calcium sources, visit this link.) It’s also important to be aware of how much your body actually absorbs of the nutrients listed; for instance, broccoli may not contain as much calcium as milk, but the calcium it does have is more readily absorbed by our bodies.

Eat till you’re full. Don’t “restrict” your diet.

Some people inaccurately think Paleo eating is “low carb” eating. Be careful about limiting carbohydrate or calorie intake when breastfeeding. Instead, focus on eating foods rich in complex carbohydrates and nutrient-dense calories. While a Paleo lifestyle does avoid grains, legumes, processed sugar and dairy, it is full of natural sources of healthy protein, fats, carbs, and vitamins and minerals. This is not a weight-loss gimmick (though many do lose weight eating Paleo), but rather a way of eating to maximize nutrition, and to minimize potentially gut-damaging foods. Eggs and nuts are a great source of protein and healthy fats, and eggs are perhaps one of the cheapest sources of protein available! By contrast, you may notice that when you snack on foods such as processed grain crackers and breads, you are hungrier, you eat more, and the cycle of more-food-less-satisfied is a frustrating one!

Be prepared.

There’s nothing worse than the full-on panic attack I remember when I was hungry and nursing. It’s more than just being hungry – it’s being desperate for food, and anything will do. It’s especially vital to be prepared when you’re trying to eat a certain diet, because the hungry-mama-bear syndrome can lead to crazy and unhealthy choices.

Here are some ideas for quick, easy Paleo-friendly (and any-breastfeeding-mom-friendly!) snacks.

As always, we are not doctors, but moms who speak from research and real-life experience. Please research your food choices through reliable sources, and always consult your doctor before beginning any food and lifestyle change.

Are you a breastfeeding and Paleo mama? What’s your go-to snack? Share below!

Angela Sackett is a wife and home-educating mom of five fast-growing, once-breastfed kiddos, as well as a foodie, photographer, and speaker, but before all a daughter of the King. She’s passionate about encouraging women and especially moms, and she writes at Sal et Lux and Dancing With My Father.


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