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Our Breast Advice: Baby Impatient for Let-Down

Breastfeeding Question: My little one, almost 5 months, is becoming increasingly impatient with my let-down. I have had to feed her breast milk from a bottle on several occasions over the last 2 or 3 days. I have also done some let-down pumping, where I pump till let down then put her to the breast. I feel like this could become a real problem. I'm concerned for my supply and our time together breastfeeding. I do think that she is in the very early stages of teething, gum widening, and wonder if this is related. What should I do about it? I hate to encourage laziness and hate to give bottles when not necessary. Is this a phase? Will it pass, … [Read more...]

I’ll Be Here For You: Hope For The New Nursing Mom

“I don’t think I can do this.” “My baby is hungry all of the time!” “My mom is right; formula might be a better choice.” How many moms in our culture have you heard say things like this? Nine years ago I had high hopes of breastfeeding my son.  My mother had breastfed, so I assumed I would be able to.  But, when I was confronted with a host of difficulties rare to the majority of breastfeeding mothers consisting of tongue and lip tie, IGT, failure to thrive, and quite honestly the most “unsupportive support”, our breastfeeding relationship did not last.  In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, where the focus is on Breastfeeding … [Read more...]

Our Breast Advice: Breastfeeding didn’t work. What options do I have?

Breastfeeding Question: Hi Ladies. I finally had to give up trying to breastfeed because it just wasn't working out. Do I have options other than formula? What are the best options? Answers: Kristen says... I'm so sorry to hear that you felt the need to give up breastfeeding! It can certainly come with its share of challenges, and sometimes those can be overwhelming. Be encouraged that you gave it your best shot!My first thought would be to look into homemade formula options. You can find some good recipes on the Weston A. Price Foundation's website. I don't know how supportive your doctor may be with homemade formula, but I would … [Read more...]

Our Breast Advice: Breastfeeding seems too sexual to me, how can I get over it?

Breastfeeding Question: "I am 32 weeks pregnant and have fully decided not to breastfeed. My husband is beginning to really push for it. I have no desire to breastfeed. It seems uncomfortable and awkward for myself. I cannot imagine a child sucking on my breast to be a positive experience. To me, it just seems so sexual. I do not know how I would ever enjoy doing this for my baby. Any advice?" Answers: Jennifer says... It is definitely difficult to comprehend what the breastfeeding experience will look like. It is different from woman to woman and even from child to child. Some women enjoy it, others struggle through, while others … [Read more...]