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Common Breastfeeding Problems: Biting While Teething

Breastfeeding is a beautiful act that encourages bonding, provides the best nutrition, and supplies comfort to a small child who depends on his mother to care for his every need. This doesn't mean that it is without its disadvantages. One of the more common breastfeeding problems occurs when baby begins to teethe: biting. Many people believe that it is at this point that a woman should begin to wean her child. After all, who really wants to be bitten in such a sensitive area? It hurts! However, there are some things that you can do to discourage and prevent your child from chomping down on your breasts so that you don't have to give up … [Read more...]

How to Stop Breast Milk After a Loss

As a pregnant mother, you never imagine you might need to know how to stop breast milk after your baby is born. Unfortunately, not all babies are born alive and some die shortly after birth. One in four pregnancies ends in miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. After the baby dies, the mother's milk still comes in. I speak from experience on this topic as our second daughter died at two days old. After a successful and lengthy breastfeeding relationship with my first baby, my milk coming in after Violet's death was one of the most physically and emotionally painful parts of losing her.   Whether you read this as a newly grieving … [Read more...]

Relieving Engorged Breasts: Helpful Tips and Tricks

Every mother who has ever nursed a child knows how uncomfortable or even downright painful engorged breasts can be. You're swollen, sensitive to the touch, and just aching to find a way to release the pressure. Relieving engorged breasts is top priority because if you do not or cannot do it, you could open the gateway to various infections. What are Engorged Breasts? Engorged breasts feel hard, tender to the touch, swollen, and possibly give a throbbing sensation. They feel extremely heavy and the engorgement can even extend into the armpit area. It is typically caused when a mother's milk comes in a few days after giving birth. The body … [Read more...]

Does Breastfeeding Hurt?

If you're a soon-to-be new mom or new breastfeeder who's not yet had the pleasure of nursing a child, you may have one question on your mind: Does breastfeeding hurt? The truth of it is, breastfeeding can, in fact, hurt. But does it always? Well, that depends on who you ask. Many women have successfully breastfed all of their children without a lick of pain. Others swear by "toughening" their nipples before baby arrives, although this is not recommended, as you may damage your nipples more than help them. But most mothers you ask may tell you about a week or two of pain, followed by no pain and sheer breastfeeding bliss. Pain, More Pain, … [Read more...]

Infant Feeding Problems: Poor Latch

After my son was born, I was very eager to start breastfeeding. Since it was my first time, I was not aware of the obstacles that many mothers face at the beginning of their breastfeeding journey. For me, among the infant feeding problems I faced, the most stressful was a baby with a poor latch. I received a lot of help from the lactation consultants at the hospital. They showed me different nursing positions to see if a certain one would help. Using a Nipple Shield Regardless of the position I was nursing in, I was in pain. My son's latch would not improve. He was only latching on to the nipple which caused extreme discomfort. This also … [Read more...]

Low Milk Supply: How to Remedy a Common Breastfeeding Problem

Women can have a variety of breastfeeding problems, low milk supply being one of them. This can be the hardest part of nursing in my opinion. It is so hard as a new mom to simply trust your body to do what it was designed to do! Most moms have no issues with supply whatsoever, even if they fear they might. Why so much concern about supply? How do you know if you have low milk supply? These are not indicators of Low Milk Supply Growth spurts early on can be a blow to mom’s confidence in her body. Baby may always seem hungry and may nurse practically around the clock without ever seeming satisfied. Trust your body. This behavior is … [Read more...]