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Is Weaning Breastfeeding Pain Normal?

Weaning breastfeeding pain is normal, varied among women, and different than typical breastfeeding pain. It's different because the pain is not from feeding your baby but from transitioning her from one source of nutrition to another. The most likely offender of weaning breastfeeding pain is engorgement of the breasts. Many of us enjoyed larger breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the most vibrant and womanly we've been. However, weaning engorgement isn't sexy-- it's just a pain! To avoid this, take weaning slowly. Maintain your child's morning and evening routines of breast milk intake. But select one feeding during the day to not … [Read more...]

Myth Busters: Pain During Breastfeeding? You Must Be Doing Something Wrong!

I sat in my bedroom cradling my four-day-old baby. She screamed and cried and rooted and tried to suck her hands. I was crying, too. This was my first breastfed baby and my nipples were in so much pain I couldn't bear to latch her again. The lactation consultant had reassured me I was latching her correctly, so I couldn't understand why I was in so much pain. Through tears I called her again, and got some great advice that allowed me to continue breastfeeding. I ended up with a prescription cream and I pumped for a day or two until I could handle latching her on to my breast again. Since that time, I have breastfed three other children. … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Problems: Pain during the Early Weeks

I recently gave birth to my fourth child, and I quickly remembered just how tough breastfeeding during the early weeks can be. While I have breastfed three children over the course of the last 4.5 years, those first couple of weeks each time are an adjustment. I'm definitely no stranger to pain during breastfeeding. If you have just started breastfeeding, you may be wondering if the pain you're experiencing is normal. Here's my experience of what's normal and what requires the help of a doctor or lactation consultant.   Breastfeeding Problems: Pain during the Early Weeks - What's Normal? Pain during latch-on You may experience … [Read more...]

Constipation in Breastfed Babies: One Mother’s Experience

If you've spent any time in breastfeeding message boards, you have heard the typical lines about constipation in breastfed babies - it can't happen. Just wait it out. It's normal for baby to go up to 2 weeks between poops because breastmilk is such perfect nutrition there simply isn't any waste. Well, that's true, except when it isn't. I was one of those moms who would say those things. I mean, I had been through three children - 2 of them completely breastfed and one with partial formula. I thought I knew it all. I had spent lots of time on message boards and blogs. Any mention of giving juice or water or suppositories for constipation … [Read more...]

Normal Problems While Breastfeeding Your Newborn

Okay mamas, let's all face it, breastfeeding really isn't the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes breastfeeding is so difficult in those first several weeks that once you overcome it you feel like you deserve a medal, twenty four hours worth of uninterrupted sleep, and a glass of wine. But let's get real here, there's no breastfeeding medals or trophies, the idea of uninterrupted sleep is laughable, and wine doesn't exactly mix well with breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can be difficult those first several weeks primarily because of the problems that can come up. So what are normal problems while breastfeeding your … [Read more...]

The Unstoppable Breast: Leaking Milk

When it comes to breastfeeding, your breasts do some crazy things until a solid routine is established. Some women find themselves beginning to leak before their baby is born. Others simply have complaints months after their little one makes an appearance. As with most things related to child rearing, everyone is different. A breast leaking milk does not always have to mean anything other than your body is doing exactly what it's supposed to. Leaky Breasts Help Prevent Engorgement Engorgement is a terrible, horrible place to be. It's a problem that's quickly solved by getting rid of the stored up milk reserves. If you're unable to … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Jaundice: Keeping Your Nursing Relationship Intact

When a woman has a baby, it’s both a miraculous and overwhelming event. Suddenly you have a precious little bundle of joy that is completely dependent upon you for survival. They are so precious, tiny, and vulnerable.   Breastfeeding Jaundice: Keeping Your Nursing Relationship Intact A new mother has a seemingly endless list of concerns upon her baby’s arrival, especially if it is her first child. She can easily become inundated with the information available when an issue arises. Some women get so overwhelmed that they begin to tune out their own instincts and blindly follow any advice offered to them, even when their gut tells them that … [Read more...]

Treating Mastitis with Herbs

I remember looking at myself in the mirror and not believing the breasts I saw were actually mine. I was one week postpartum and engorgement doesn't begin to describe what was taking place in my body. I had begun to run a fever so a trip to the midwife was in order. As I sat on the exam table, I remember the words she spoke as if it were yesterday, “Why don't you nurse the baby a bit to relieve some of the pressure?” “I just finished nursing her. This is with the pressure relieved.” I was given the standard bottle of antibiotics and sent home with instructions to take Tylenol and warm showers for the pain. Twenty years and seven … [Read more...]

Natural Remedies for Mastitis

Mastitis is a dreaded breast infection that can literally send chills down a nursing mom's spine. The fever, achy body, breast pain, headache and more is really awful! Typical treatment for mastitis involves seeing your OB/GYN or midwife, getting an antibiotic prescription, and then resting at home. However, many moms try to avoid antibiotics if at all possible, leaving some to wonder if there are natural remedies for mastitis. I can personally say that I have successfully used natural remedies for mastitis multiple times to get rid of the infection without ever taking an antibiotic. It's very important to note, though, that I am not a … [Read more...]

Leaking Breast Milk: What to Expect and How to Stop It

Is leaking breast milk normal? Yes! Leaking breast milk is normal and healthy! It is a sign that breastfeeding is going well! Yet leakage can also be an unpredictable and, maybe, inconvenient part of breastfeeding! When will my breasts start leaking? How long will this last? Similar to many other aspects of women's bodies it is very individual and different from person to person. Some women start leaking colostrum while they are still pregnant. Most mothers only leak breast milk for the first few months while they are establishing a supply that will soon be regulated by their babies. Yet some mothers leak the whole time they nurse and … [Read more...]