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15 Tips for Curing Thrush with Gentian Violet

Does your baby have white patches on their tongue or the inside of their cheeks? Do they have a diaper rash that just won't go away? Are your nipples sore? It is possible that you and your baby have thrush, a yeast infection that is easily passed back and forth between mom and baby. Thrush can be very difficult to get rid of. My son was diagnosed with thrush when he was 13 months old. My doctor recommended an anti fungal medication. I hesitated, but ultimately decided to give my son the prescription. Several times a day I had to rub the medicine all over the inside of his mouth. To make a long story short, two rounds of medication and … [Read more...]

Colds: Sudafed, Mucinex and Breastfeeding

Winter. It's that time of year when sickness seems never-ending. The common cold often makes its way around from family to family. Many say that there should be a law against mothers getting sick, but unfortunately, sickness happens. Usually harmless, the common cold is more of a nuisance than anything. Breastfeeding mothers may wonder, “Can I take medications to help ease the severity of my symptoms? Are Mucinex and breastfeeding compatible? What about Sudafed?” Colds: Sudafed, Mucinex and Breastfeeding Taking over-the-counter medications will not cure your cold, but it will help relieve the symptoms. Two common medications … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding and Yeast Medications – Treating Yeast Infections

You may occasionally meet a very unwelcome visitor during the course of your breastfeeding relationship. That visitor is a nasty fungi known as yeast, and it can make you and your baby miserable. Once you know you've got a problem with yeast, you will be wondering about breastfeeding and yeast medications. What's safe? How can you get rid of this miserable infection? How can you keep it from coming back?   How do I know if I have a yeast infection? Yeast infections are miserable. You may be familiar with a yeast infection of the vagina, but your nipples can also become infected when you are breastfeeding. If your nipples become … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding and Body Acne: What Can I Use to Clear it Up That Won’t Harm My Baby?

If you're breastfeeding and body acne has got you down, I can empathize! I have breastfed three babies and during those months I have had some of the worst acne of my life. I’ve tried to use items that aren’t very natural, but it made my acne worse. Since then, I’ve discovered several natural items that can help clear up acne and keep mama and baby incredibly happy. Breastfeeding and Body Acne: Natural, Safe Remedies Coconut Oil This is one item that I keep on hand at all times. Coconut oil can be bought all natural and all organic. I know that this does not work for all skin types, but when it comes down to breastfeeding and body acne … [Read more...]

Is Cold Medicine Breastfeeding Safe?

It's about the time of the year when we all start to stock up on tissues, cough drops, and other remedies for the common cold. Colds  are typically harmless, and many moms will forgo a trip to the doctor and grab an over-the-counter cold medication instead. But if a woman has a baby, she may wonder: is cold medicine breastfeeding safe? Caffeine, alcohol, and yes, medications typically pass through breast milk. Depending on the substance, it might pass through in larger quantities than others. Since we can expect any medication to pass on to our babies through breast milk, it really is important to know if we can safely take a particular … [Read more...]

Thyroid Disease and Breastfeeding: Preparing During Pregnancy

I am pregnant with my fourth baby. I am very pregnant. I have done the thyroid disease and breastfeeding thing already and am trying to set myself up for the greatest success this time around by preparing during pregnancy. Thyroid Disease Can Affect Pregnancy Thyroid fluctuations are strongly tied to hormonal changes and weight changes. Pregnancy and childbirth bring about both. Thyroid issues in pregnancy and postpartum are quite common though not always identified or addressed by doctors. At the start of pregnancy, your doctor will likely check to make sure your thyroid is not sluggish. Hypothyroidism can contribute to miscarriage. If … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding and Herpes – Are They Compatible?

Congrats on your pregnancy! If you have herpes, you are probably worried about the possibility of your baby getting it during labor. You may also be wondering, “Can I breastfeed without making my child sick, or do I have to give my baby formula?” If you do not have herpes, this topic is still important because an estimated 20-25% of pregnant women have genital herpes. So, breastfeeding and herpes...are the two compatible? What is herpes? Herpes is an infection caused by the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Oral herpes causes cold sores around the mouth, and genital herpes affects the genital and anal area. Genital herpes is a sexually … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding and Postpartum Depression

Having a baby is supposed to be a time filled with joy and wonder. It's supposed to be overflowing with happiness and giddy new parent smiling. But what if it isn't? What if you feel a deep-seated sadness? What if your baby blues aren't going away? What if you feel frustrated because you know how you are supposed to feel, but your actual feelings are quite different? What if you're breastfeeding and postpartum depression begins to creep in? I've been there. Three times, in fact. Postpartum depression is a heavy burden to bear and it can be very overwhelming without the proper attention and care. There's a stigma and a guilt that … [Read more...]

When Allergies Strike: Claritin and Breastfeeding

Allergy symptoms can make you feel awful, but we all know that moms don't get to call in sick. Relief from allergies is important and doing it safely while breastfeeding is even more important. Do Claritin and breastfeeding mix? What about other allergy medications? To find out if taking Claritin and breastfeeding is safe, I went to an expert in the lactation field. Dr. Thomas Hale has been studying breast milk for 26 years and is currently the head of Infant Risk at Texas Tech Medical School. Have you ever noticed that on the back of nearly all medications it says to consult a doctor if pregnant or breastfeeding? The reason why it … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Problems: What is a Lip Tie?

Breastfeeding a newborn can be difficult. It is not something that always comes easily. Many mothers of new babies experience several breastfeeding problems on their journeys through early parenthood. Some of these early issues are attributed to latch issues. Poor latches can lead to cracked nipples, thrush, plugged ducts, etc. Fixing bad latches might be easy. Other times it could be pure determination, like when my son was diagnosed with a lip tie. What is a lip tie? A tongue tie is a webbing that exists between the bottom of one's tongue and the soft palate of the floor of your mouth. A lip tie is a similar webbing, but it exists on the … [Read more...]