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Why Does My Breast Milk Taste Bad?

  My breastfeeding story took a turn that I never expected and had never heard of before. It all started the moment that I tasted a drop of my breast milk from a bottle that my daughter had refused to drink. Something was not right, and I was asking myself, "Why does my breast milk taste bad?" Immediately, I started searching for answers online. My mind was racing. Was there something wrong with my freezer? Did all of the milk in my freezer taste like this? What is wrong with my breast milk??? Then I found the answer: I had excess lipase activity in my breast milk, which caused my expressed breast milk to develop a bad taste … [Read more...]

All About Breast Milk Lactose

Breast milk is made up of many different components, all of which have varying benefits for baby. Lactose is an important part of a mother's milk, but what is breast milk lactose, and how is it different than cow's milk lactose? What is Breast Milk Lactose? Lactose is the main carbohydrate in breast milk. It comprises approximately 40% of the calories in your milk. Lactose is useful because it decreases the total unhealthy bacteria in baby's tummy, helping improve the absorption of important minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, and phosphate. It also helps the good bacteria to grow, and it's great for energy and brain … [Read more...]

Can You Buy Breast Milk?

Yes, you most certainly can buy breast milk. Should you require someone else's milk other than your own (or should you find yourself unable to breastfeed), you can get breast milk from a number of different resources. There are free options, government funded options, and options that can range from manageable to expensive over time. How to Get Breast Milk for Free If you find yourself struggling with supply as a nursing mother, consider adapting your lifestyle to allow for a healthy boost in supply. You can even make a batch of delicious lactation cookies to make the process less tedious. If you feel like you've dried up too much, you … [Read more...]

What Are the Components of Breast Milk?

Just as every baby is different, so is the breast milk baby drinks. While the make-up of the milk changes every day with mom's diet, the basic components of breast milk stay the same. And while there are thousands of different components of breast milk, we'll cover some of the essentials. What Are the Components of Breast Milk? Water: Breast milk is approximately 88% water; all the other components are diffused into the water. Breast milk provides more than enough water for baby, and giving baby extra water is not only unnecessary, but potentially dangerous if baby drinks too much. Fat: Despite what you hear in popular media, some fat … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding vs Formula – Why the Great Debate?

If you've been on the internet for any short period of time, you've likely run into some type of debate, whether political, religious, moral or ethical. Sometimes these debates center over personal preferences and sometimes over the latest fads. And if you talk to any mother, usually the topic of breastfeeding vs formula crops up. Sometimes the conversation is held without condescension or rancor. But occasionally the tone of the conversation can turn into an all-out war, pitting mother against mother - all because of her choice of feeding baby. Why? Breastfeeding vs Formula - Why the Great Debate? Parenting doesn't come with a manual, … [Read more...]

What is Milk Made of?

Ever wonder on earth is milk made of? What is the difference between God-made breast milk and man-made formula? Take a look at what makes up our two choices for growing these precious little blessings. First off, breast milk is made up of more than 100 ingredients that just can’t be manufactured. Fats, proteins and carbohydrates among other health benefits compose what God made. Read the rest here: What's in a Milk? … [Read more...]

Breast Milk for Premature Babies: Will it be Enough?

It's not something anyone hopes or plans for - to go into preterm labor and deliver prematurely. But it happens often. In fact, 1 in 8 babies is born prematurely in the United States! (The contributing factors for this are beyond the scope of this particular post, though.) Often, babies born early may face unique challenges that require medical supervision. So, is it safe to assume that breast milk for premature babies will be enough to grow and develop their minds and bodies during the weeks they were missing from the womb? Absolutely! Breast Milk for Premature Babies - Facts and Fiction Delivering prematurely can be fraught with … [Read more...]

Antibodies in Breast Milk: Baby’s First Line of Defense

Breast milk is pretty amazing. In addition to providing all the nutrients your baby needs for its first year of life (and longer!), there are also antibodies in breast milk that give your baby the defense it needs to fight sickness in the early years of baby's life. What Are Antibodies in Breast Milk? Antibodies, also known as immunoglobulins, are special proteins used by your immune system to ward off the bad guys, such as bacteria and viruses. They come in five different classes, and although all five have shown up in breast milk, one in particular is the most prominent: secretory IgA (aka, sIgA, or Immunoglobulin A). These antibodies … [Read more...]

Can I Improve Breast Milk for My Newborn?

Breast milk, all on its own, is a pretty perfect food for your baby. I mean, it changes as your child grows to meet their individual needs, produces antibodies to any illness that you have been exposed to - offering an amazing immune boost and protection for your baby, and even adjusts in supply according to how much your baby is eating. Pretty incredible, right? Can you improve breast milk for your newborn, though? When it comes right down to it, your body really puts your baby's nutritional needs first, even above your own. This helps ensure that he or she has absolutely everything they need to grow and thrive, which leaves very little … [Read more...]

Breast Milk Colostrum: A Baby’s First Defense

A woman's body begins to produce a version of breast milk, colostrum, during late pregnancy which prepares her breasts for milk production. Colostrum is a baby's first defense against infection and helps keep his or her immune system strong and healthy. Although it is produced is small amounts, the benefits are beyond comparison. Why is Colostrum  Special? Colostrum is a sticky, yellow fluid that is very high in nutrients and is the perfect superfood for babies. It is made in just the right amount to fill a newborn's marble-sized stomach. It also helps with a newborn baby's first bowel movement. It acts as a natural laxative and clears … [Read more...]