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Myth Busters: Will Pumping Show You How Much Breast Milk You Have?

(Editor's Note: During the month of May, Breastfeeding Place contributors will be sharing posts that address common breastfeeding myths. We sincerely hope this will be an enlightening and helpful series!)   It is common for new breastfeeding moms to question whether or not they are making enough milk for their baby. Breast milk is so mysterious. The new baby is breastfeeding for the first time and he or she may not give you all the information you need to gauge satisfactory output. However, pumping is not an accurate measurement method.   Clues That Baby is Getting Enough The number one way to tell if your baby is … [Read more...]

How to Pump Long-Term Successfully

Isn't it funny how our plans can change once our little one(s) is here? I know mamas who had absolutely no desire to breastfeed, but decided to breastfeed once their baby was born. Or mothers who were adamant about breastfeeding but, because of a collision of circumstances, found joy in giving a bottle. Others plan to pump for "just a little while" but soon find themselves flying right past original goals and wanting to pump long-term. If you're a mama who's chosen to pump long-term for whatever reason, you'll find many helpful tips for getting started with pumping n my post, 20 Tips for Pumping Breast Milk. Once you've gotten your body … [Read more...]