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The Benefits of Using a Breastfeeding Chair

If you’re an expectant mama planning to breastfeed, chances are you are considering adding a breastfeeding chair to your nursery.  My own mother was horrified when I told her that we planned to spend a 200 dollars on a comfy rocking chair for me to breastfeed in.  Our baby budget was small, we already had a grand total of four wooden rocking chairs in our small home, and weren’t there more important things to buy?  As it turned out, that breastfeeding chair has been one of our favorite purchases.  I’m sure you’d appreciate yours as well!

Why a Breastfeeding Chair?

Nursing a newborn takes time.  A lot of time.  Having a comfortable place to sit while doing so makes it that much easier. If breastfeeding isn’t what works out for you, you’ve still got an infant to feed and you’re still going to need somewhere to do it!  Even when you’re not feeding, you (and dad, and grandma, and auntie…) are going to spend a lot of time rocking and cuddling that sweet little one.

Having one space to do most of your nursing in can make it easier to keep things within reach.  Near your chair, you’ll want to have a water bottle, a burp cloth, nursing pads, a phone charger, and even some easy snacks.  We set up my baby’s night stand next to the chair but ended up also using a TV tray to keep everything close.  We also invested in a dimmer switch for her lamp so that I could make sure I had enough light to see what I was doing, without making the room too bright.

Choosing a Chair

Breastfeeding chair options range widely in price and quality.  My husband and I found one at a great price at Target, but we also tried some out at Buy Buy Baby and our local furniture store.  Online stores like Amazon and Wayfair also have good options.

You may want a chair that reclines and includes a foot rest.  You may choose to add an ottoman or foot rest.  You’ll need to decide if you want a chair that rocks, glides, swivels, or does some combination.  Also consider the height of the back of the chair.  Is it at a comfortable height to rest your head?  One major consideration, as silly as it sounds, is choosing a chair that isn’t TOO comfortable.  It is very unsafe for an adult to fall asleep with an infant while sitting in a chair, so make sure you choose a chair that you can stay awake in!

You’ll want to shop around to find a chair that fits your needs, but these are a great place to start:

This chair is the classic glider style and is very budget-friendly
For a retro twist on the classic wooden rocking chair, you may like this chair.
This chair is double-wide, which means it will be a cozy place for family stories even as baby grows up!

Do I have to Nurse Only in the Chair?

No, of course you’ll nurse elsewhere!  I found that when my baby was tiny and not distractible, I liked to nurse downstairs so that I could watch TV.  I also have spent many nights nursing her in my own bed.  The majority of the time however, I find myself nursing in the breastfeeding chair.  It’s also where I cuddle my baby for most of her naps.  I have spent hours, weeks probably, in that chair.  Out of everything we bought while preparing for baby’s arrival, it’s easily one of my favorite and most useful purchases!


Do you have a special space for nursing, with a designated breastfeeding chair? What’s your favorite place to nurse your little one?

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