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Twin Manibreasto Review

Twin Manibreasto Review  #twins #breastfeedingSo you’re pregnant and you just found out you’re expecting twins. You intended on breastfeeding but are at a loss right now. How will you succeed? Where will you go to for advice?

The Twin Manibreasto is a brand new book by Mercedes R. Donis, blogger at Project Procastinot. Twin Manibreasto is an inspirational eBook for all moms who are expecting twins and want to breastfeed, filled with experiential advice and lots of tips and tricks and reviews. As a first time mom to twins, Mercedes shares the highs and lows of attempting to breastfeed her two little ones.

Read the full review at Authentic Parenting.


  1. I’m looking at the pictures of twins and remembering when my twins were so little! So long ago! I had my twins first and breastfed them past two years. Such a sweet time! I am the biggest cheerleader for breastfeeding mommies! Now, my twins are daddies (34 years old) and I coached their wives to successful breastfeeding. Sometimes I wonder how much milk I have produced to feed all eight of my children, all but one past two years, two past three years. My last two babies needed pumped milk until they were strong enough to stay awake for a full feeding. They both had health issues at birth along with Down syndrome.

    I hope you get a lot of traffic on your site! It looks like you have a lot of encouragement for your generation.

    Keep up the good work!

    Mama to eight, but grandma to nine… So far…

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