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Weaning to Get Pregnant – and the Guilt We Feel

The breastfeeding relationship between a mother and a child is perhaps one of the most beautiful and sacred of bonds. It's an experience like no other, but like most good things, there is eventually an end to it. Weaning is the sad end to that beautiful journey. It isn't easy - and weaning to get pregnant isn't any easier. Trying to wean a baby who shows no signs of truly wanting to wean is one way to really make a mama feel guilty. I know because I have been there. Most mamas set a goal for the breastfeeding relationship, say one year for example, and other mamas have no goal. I was the mother with the goal; I thought a year sounded … [Read more...]

The Quick Guide To Weaning Baby Off Formula

It's been three days since your baby's relatively uncomplicated delivery. Your nipples are extremely sore, bleeding and cracked. But, the nurses at the hospital told you it was fine. You notice your baby isn't stooling much, but figure maybe he is just taking his time. When you go to your one week checkup, your baby is not gaining any weight. In fact your baby has lost over 10%. The doctor might say, "He needs a bit of supplemental formula, in order to gain weight." You go obediently to the store and purchase the formula your doctor recommends and begin the supplementation plan in which you and your doctor feel comfortable, aided by your … [Read more...]

How to Wean Baby Off Breast: Tackling Night Weaning

I have nursed four babies into toddler-hood and as much as I love and advocate for breastfeeding, night weaning is still my least favorite (and slightly dreaded) part of nursing. I've never really been preoccupied with how to wean baby off breast during the day because it was never disruptive to our life or routine for my children to take a few minutes to cuddle up with their nursies for nourishment or comfort. At night, it wasn't bothersome until my children were nearing their second birthday and still waking multiple times or wanting to remain attached to my breast throughout the duration of the night. Going so long with inadequate sleep … [Read more...]

Stages of Weaning: Introducing Solid Food

So you realize that your baby isn't a newborn any longer and you feel as if they are ready to take the next step in feeding--solids. There are several stages of weaning and while the introduction of solid food doesn't mean you will no longer be nursing, it is the first step towards your child gaining nutrition from sources other than Mommy's milk. If you've never gone through this stage before, you might be unsure of how to begin or what to do. There is a vast amount of information out there when it comes to this topic.  Everyone seems to have an opinion or advice and it can certainly become overwhelming. Well-meaning friends and families … [Read more...]

Weaning My Baby and the Guilt I Felt

In January, Hubby and I found out we were expecting our fourth blessing. A complete surprise! We weren't even living in the same state at the time while building our new home. Because of my past preterm labor issues, I knew I was now looking at weaning my baby. And processing the guilt I felt. I nursed Fletcher for 27 months. At first glance, it seems positively silly for me to feel guilty for nursing only 27 months. But weaning brought up so many past emotions from past nursing experiences that I hadn't been ready to face previously. I nursed Henry, my first, for 15 months. I nursed my second, Maxwell, for 14 months. I nursed Fletcher … [Read more...]

Weaning a Two Year Old Child

When it came time to wean my 2 year old I found I was venturing into uncharted territory somewhat, as both my girls I'd weaned at 19 months. Suddenly I found I had a full little personality on my hands, who by 2 years old knew what he wanted, was fairly vocal about it, but was also a lovely affectionate little boy who enjoyed the connection with me. I decided to take a gentle approach rather than completely stop overnight, and although it took a few months to transition, it was a comfortable process for us both. My approach to weaning a two year old was: Ensuring his nutritional needs were all adequately met; Ensuring his … [Read more...]

Your Questions Answered: Tandem Nursing Your Infant and Toddler

Are you expecting a baby any day now, but still haven't weaned your toddler? Are you wondering if tandem nursing your infant and toddler will work? Will your body continue to make milk for toddler or will it be making milk for the baby? Will you feed both at the same time or one after the other? Will your toddler even be gentle enough with the baby in order to nurse both at the same time? This post answers all of those questions and more. Stop by Intoxicated on Life to read more about nursing your infant and toddler. … [Read more...]

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: When to start weaning?

Congratulations! You just found out that you are expecting again! However, you are still nursing your little one. A big question looms - pregnancy and breastfeeding: when to start weaning? I have nursed through part of three different pregnancies. I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and nursing my 2 year old. For me, I'm lazy. That's the truth. Weaning can be hard work and I'm just not looking forward to that! My first weaned on his own at 15 months when I was about 18 weeks. My milk was gone and he was tired of dry nursing - and so was I. Since my first was a preemie, I had been told to wean by 20 weeks to stay on the safe side. With my … [Read more...]

Extended Breastfeeding: Weaning Your Older Child Gently

My daughter loved breastfeeding. Weaning wasn't even on our radar when we hit the one year mark. We simply kept on going and I found myself in the world of extended breastfeeding. It hadn't been my goal. Yet there I was, wondering if weaning my toddler was ever going to be possible. At times extended breastfeeding was wonderful and at other times it was an emotional struggle. Part of me wanted to cherish those precious moments and part of me wanted to just be done. Here are six things I did to help make the weaning process a positive experience for me and my little one. 6 Tips for Weaning Your Older Child Gently 1) Consult with Your … [Read more...]

I’m Ready to Be Done. How Do I Wean My Baby?

Breastfeeding can be taxing for mom. There are any number of reasons that a woman may want or need to wean her baby, including going back to work, illness, pregnancy, and just feeling tired of breastfeeding. If you're asking, "How do I wean my baby?," settle in for a good read - and be sure to leave your questions in the comments below! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for one year or longer. The World Health Organization recommends nursing for two years and beyond. If you've examined these recommendations and still feel ready to wean, continue reading. It doesn't have to be "all or nothing." Depending on … [Read more...]