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A Benediction to Weaning Moms

Breastfeeding is a two-sided relationship and that doesn't change when it comes to weaning. There is often a lot of focus on the process of weaning the baby, but it is also a process for the mother. Are you wondering if the end is near? Are you thinking that tonight might be the last night you nurse your baby before bed? Is it time for you to say goodbye to breastfeeding? Does that thought make you sad? If so, A Benediction to Weaning Moms is for you. Rebekah Hoffer beautifully shares her emotional struggles with letting go of breastfeeding as she writes a benediction to weaning moms. Her honestly shared emotions are both touching … [Read more...]

Marijuana and Breastfeeding: Is smoking weed okay for my breastfed baby?

As with any parenting decision, breastfeeding your infant can sometimes be a controversial matter. Breastfeeding is not easy and it puts a lot of limits on many mothers' lifestyles. You have to control what you eat, if you drink, change your smoking habits, and decide if some of your normal activities can affect the growth of your children. Although the topic of using marijuana and breastfeeding your baby has a lot of information from both sides, it is important to weigh both the pros and cons of THC on a nursing child. First and Foremost... Consider your local laws and regulations in regards to marijuana. You should avoid illegal … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding and Yeast Medications – Treating Yeast Infections

You may occasionally meet a very unwelcome visitor during the course of your breastfeeding relationship. That visitor is a nasty fungi known as yeast, and it can make you and your baby miserable. Once you know you've got a problem with yeast, you will be wondering about breastfeeding and yeast medications. What's safe? How can you get rid of this miserable infection? How can you keep it from coming back?   How do I know if I have a yeast infection? Yeast infections are miserable. You may be familiar with a yeast infection of the vagina, but your nipples can also become infected when you are breastfeeding. If your nipples become … [Read more...]

Drinking Alcohol and Breastfeeding: What You Should Know

Many new moms, after abstaining from alcohol for an entire pregnancy, look forward to enjoying a cold adult beverage after delivering their babies. One of the biggest concerns for many moms who are looking forward to that celebratory beer or glass of wine is whether drinking alcohol and breastfeeding is safe for their infants. There is good news for moms! Drinking alcohol and breastfeeding isn't completely off the table as was once thought. Research now suggests that it is safe to consume one or two drinks and still breastfeed. Like anything else a nursing mother puts into her body, drinking alcohol and breastfeeding is something that … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Snacks: Oatmeal Recipe Roundup

The first four weeks after my children were born, one of my favorite breastfeeding snacks was oatmeal. In many women, oatmeal is a galactagogue - a substance promoting the increased production of breast milk. Even though there is no definitive scientific evidence that oatmeal increases breast milk production, many women have personal stories about how their milk supply increased due to eating oatmeal. This could be due to the fact that oatmeal is a source of iron. If your iron levels are low, your milk supply can decrease. The other benefits of oatmeal are: it is high in fiber, helps lower cholesterol, and helps maintain a healthy … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding, Essential Oils, and Safety

Essential oils are becoming extremely popular in both mainstream and natural health circles. Since it is a young field in the United States, it can be hard to find solid information. This can lead women to wonder how breastfeeding, essential oils, and safety mix.   Essential oils are highly potent substances, and our nursing babies have immature systems that are still developing. The safety of breastfeeding essential oils is a really important topic to consider! There are many misconceptions about essential oils, so be sure to check the sources for any advice that you find on breastfeeding, essential oils, and safety. I've … [Read more...]

Depression and Breastfeeding with D-MER: When Your Letdown Gets You Down

The first few months of breastfeeding have been rough for me with each baby. I've struggled with depression and breastfeeding every time, lasting for the first few months. This depression is a bit different. It comes on very strong each time I have a letdown and lessens as baby nurses. It's not just depression. It has a name and it's real. It's called D-MER or Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex. And it's not fun.   I had never heard of D-MER prior to starting a family. After my first, I was surprised by my feelings of intense anxiety and depression surrounding breastfeeding. I thought it was all in my head. I didn't talk to my … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding and Intimacy

It's no surprise that having a baby changes our lives. In a relationship, what is quickly noticed is the change in intimacy. It goes beyond the long six weeks that sex is advised against. Breastfeeding and intimacy may not always go hand in hand. But don't worry, it's not all bad.   I recently asked many breastfeeding mothers how intimacy has been affected since having their baby. I must say, I am SHOCKED with just how much their love life has been affected. The obvious growth of breast size is the first thing they mention. Their partners just LOVE IT! Throw in the heightened sensitivity and you have a fiesta. Outside … [Read more...]

Honey and Breastfeeding – Can I Eat Honey While Breastfeeding?

You may know that local raw honey is a wonderful supplement to help combat allergies, and you may also know that you should not give honey to infants under the age of 1. Since baby should not eat honey, should you? Is eating honey and breastfeeding a safe combination? Are honey and breastfeeding compatible? The answer is yes, you can safely eat honey while breastfeeding. The concern with honey and infants is botulism. According to Infant, honey is occasionally known to contain spores of a bacterium known as Clostridium botulinum. If a baby happened to ingest raw honey that contained these spores, the spores could … [Read more...]

10 Quick Snacks for Breastfeeding Moms

Whether you are nursing a newborn or an older baby, you will notice your desire for snacks will increase. That's because you need to eat an extra 500 calories to maintain your milk supply. It is a good idea to have healthy snacks for breastfeeding moms on hand so you are less tempted to reach for something that may be full of empty calories. Some of these snacks may require some prep from you, but with a little effort you can have a fridge stocked with simple snacks you can grab and eat! Quick and Healthy Snacks for Breastfeeding Moms Yogurt - Yogurt is a yummy treat that is packed with calcium and probiotics. If you need some extra … [Read more...]