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Breastfeeding and Body Acne: What Can I Use to Clear it Up That Won’t Harm My Baby?

If you're breastfeeding and body acne has got you down, I can empathize! I have breastfed three babies and during those months I have had some of the worst acne of my life. I’ve tried to use items that aren’t very natural, but it made my acne worse. Since then, I’ve discovered several natural items that can help clear up acne and keep mama and baby incredibly happy. Breastfeeding and Body Acne: Natural, Safe Remedies Coconut Oil This is one item that I keep on hand at all times. Coconut oil can be bought all natural and all organic. I know that this does not work for all skin types, but when it comes down to breastfeeding and body acne … [Read more...]

Is Cold Medicine Breastfeeding Safe?

It's about the time of the year when we all start to stock up on tissues, cough drops, and other remedies for the common cold. Colds  are typically harmless, and many moms will forgo a trip to the doctor and grab an over-the-counter cold medication instead. But if a woman has a baby, she may wonder: is cold medicine breastfeeding safe? Caffeine, alcohol, and yes, medications typically pass through breast milk. Depending on the substance, it might pass through in larger quantities than others. Since we can expect any medication to pass on to our babies through breast milk, it really is important to know if we can safely take a particular … [Read more...]

Beer and Breastfeeding – Does Drinking Beer Increase Breast Milk Supply?

When my friend Andrea was breastfeeding her littlest, I remember the struggle she had to keep up her milk supply. She tried breastfeeding tea, and tripled her water consumption. She rested more and added brewer's yeast to her oatmeal. She also tried something I'd never heard of as a mama of five: she tried drinking a glass of beer. What is the deal with beer and breastfeeding? Now in my friend's case, as it has any time she's tried to drink it, drinking beer gave her nothing more than an upset tummy. She's not a fan of the malty brew, and that didn't change as she sipped, then gulped once or twice, then sipped again. In her case, she … [Read more...]

Nicotine and Breastfeeding

I'm going to assume that if you're reading this it is because a baby you love is being breastfed by a mother addicted to nicotine. Nicotine addiction isn't something to be written off lightly. It is a serious flaw in our society and it is a very hard addiction to shake. Though nicotine and breastfeeding should not go hand in hand, we do not live in a perfect world. In this article I want to give you some support for deciding to breastfeed your baby despite your addiction. I would also like to offer encouragement for quitting. Nicotine and Breastfeeding - Support and Encouragement I have recently made the journey from smoker to non-smoker. … [Read more...]

Thyroid Disease and Breastfeeding: Preparing During Pregnancy

I am pregnant with my fourth baby. I am very pregnant. I have done the thyroid disease and breastfeeding thing already and am trying to set myself up for the greatest success this time around by preparing during pregnancy. Thyroid Disease Can Affect Pregnancy Thyroid fluctuations are strongly tied to hormonal changes and weight changes. Pregnancy and childbirth bring about both. Thyroid issues in pregnancy and postpartum are quite common though not always identified or addressed by doctors. At the start of pregnancy, your doctor will likely check to make sure your thyroid is not sluggish. Hypothyroidism can contribute to miscarriage. If … [Read more...]

7 Breastfeeding Themed Pinterest Boards Worth Following

Pinterest is an excellent resource for finding a new recipe or your next DIY project, but have you considered looking to Pinterest for breastfeeding advice? There is a significant lack of Pinterest profiles dedicated to breastfeeding support, but there are many breastfeeding themed boards worth following. 7 Breastfeeding Themed Pinterest Boards Worth Following I personally follow or contribute to each of these Pinterest boards dedicated to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding Mamas Support and Love - 1,700+ followers Pregnancy, Birthing, Breastfeeding, & All Things BABY! - 12,700+ followers Breastfeeding - 3,700+ … [Read more...]

The Healthy Living Bundle – Your Resource for a Healthier Family!

Mama, I know you want to make better health and lifestyle decisions for yourself and those you love. You want to lose some of that baby weight weight, have more energy to play with your kids, use greener non-toxic products you don't have to worry about, create nutritious meals for your family, get fit, and feel confident that you’re doing all you can to prevent serious diseases. Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the masses of healthy living advice out there – to the point where you're frozen into complete inaction? This resource can help. (Read to the bottom for a special resource we are offering to you as a … [Read more...]

Breast Milk: Drinking Energy Drinks and the Impact on Your Milk

When it comes to providing the most nutritious breast milk, drinking certain beverages has been done under a watchful eye. Although coffee can be known to cause fussiness in newborns, drinking caffeine is perfectly fine in most cases. Not everyone is a fan of coffee throughout the day. Some people prefer a colder, carbonated energy drink or the quick effects from a concentrated dose. I've researched this and below is a break down of the unique compositions of popular energy brands and how they work. Whether or not they will affect your baby is a personal judgement call. Top 3 Energy Drinks Red Bull has all the usual stuff inside. … [Read more...]

Recipes and Tips for Breastfeeding and Paleo

Are you considering a Paleo approach to your eating as a breastfeeding mom? Have you looked into this lifestyle as a way to improve your own health and wonder how to approach it while nursing your baby? We introduced the idea in this article where I determined that breastfeeding and Paleo can definitely be compatible, and today I'd like to share some tips with you on incorporating the Paleo eating plan into your breastfeeding lifestyle, as well as give you some yummy recipes to get started! Breastfeeding and Paleo - Getting Started Any lifestyle/diet change can seem overwhelming at first. If you're new to the Paleo mindset, do some research … [Read more...]

Brewers Yeast, Breastfeeding and Cookies

What if someone told you that a few simple ingredients inside of a warm cookie or a delicious smoothie could actually help you make more mommy milk for that sweet baby of yours? Enter brewers yeast: breastfeeding moms' new friend! There are several ways you can increase your milk supply while breastfeeding, which includes everything from drinking water and Gatorade to taking supplements designed for lactating mothers. Sometimes though, we need an extra dose of yummy goodness to help us get through our busy and hectic day as a new mom. So how about some cookies or a refreshing smoothie? Brewers yeast is a highly nutritious … [Read more...]