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Stem Cells in Breast Milk: Why Breastmilk is Liquid Gold

We all know that breast is best and that breast milk contains so many things that do wonders for our babies. We know that cancer patients benefit from breast milk, and the first milk (colostrum) is full of antibodies that help keep our babies healthy. What you may not know is that there are many types of cells in breast milk, including stem cells. Yes, those miracle cells can be grown into new healthy tissue! One study indicated that breast milk contains differentiated epithelial and putative stem cells. (Via PubMed) As time goes by more studies are finding these cells transfer between mother and baby from implantation to weaning! Sadly, at … [Read more...]

5 Types of Breast Milk Containers

When you're ready to pump breast milk for your baby, you'll need to find a good storage container for the milk. There are a lot of breast milk container options on the market, and it's a good idea to experiment and see what container, or set of containers, works best for you. 5 Types of Breast Milk Containers 1.) Bottles - Bottles designed specifically for storing breast milk are a great option because they can twist right onto your breast pump, then twist or snap onto the bottle's nipple without having to transfer the milk. They come in many shapes and sizes, and their rigid form gives you an accurate reading of how much milk you're … [Read more...]

Do I Have Enough Breast Milk? 5 Signs That You Do!

It's certain that one of the first things most breastfeeding mothers are concerned about is whether or not that precious baby of theirs is really plumping up on mama's milk alone. I mean, it's completely understandable to be concerned about this since our breasts are not transparent, nor do they come with tiny amount markers on each one to let us know how much baby is taking in each feeding. But, is there a way to really know for sure how your baby is faring? If you're curious about whether or not you have enough breast milk for you little one, I'm here to say that you can absolutely know if your baby is thriving by looking at a few key … [Read more...]

How to Express Breast Milk by Hand

Ever wondered how to express breast milk by hand? Does it seem difficult? Are you frustrated by what seems like a fruitless endeavor? Let's take a look at how to express breast milk by hand - with a few adjustments you may soon find you prefer hand expression over an electric pump! Over the fall break we decided to visit my family 8 hours away. We stopped every hour on the way up for the baby's sake. He just hated being back there for so long and he needed things like milk, diaper changes, and happy baby crawling time. My daughter helped keep him occupied, but he just doesn't understand why he can't see mama for the duration of long car … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Produce More Breast Milk

Breastfeeding, though the most natural way to feed a baby, doesn't always come easily to every mother. There are a myriad of factors that can contribute to a nursing mother experiencing difficulty when she needs to produce more breast milk. Having a low supply can be both frustrating and discouraging, but there are several ways to encourage your body to kick into gear and provide the nutrition that your baby needs. A mother may also merely want to produce more breast milk in order to build up a supply for her freezer for later use. In either of these situations, a woman may need some help getting the boost in production that she is looking … [Read more...]

Guidelines for Storing Breast Milk

Regardless of whether or not you are planning to express breast milk for your new baby, you'll want to be aware of these guidelines for storing breast milk. It's not always easy to foresee challenges and bumps in the road that may occur. Some women end up pumping breast milk for baby while in the NICU, some pump in preparation for going back to work. Some mothers pump milk for the occasional bottle for a date night or simply to enjoy some "mom time." Depending on your needs for your pumped milk, there are many options for storing your milk. As a seasoned mom you may find that there are more relaxed guidelines for storing breast milk, … [Read more...]

Easy Tips for Freezing Breast Milk

You've proudly watched that milk pour (or drip!) into those bottles. You take them into the kitchen what? You've heard of freezing breast milk, but how? Storage Guidelines It is recommended that breast milk be refrigerated within five hours of pumping, used within five days of being refrigerated and thawed and used within five months of being frozen. And it is preferred to store breast milk in the refrigerator, instead of the freezer, if possible. However, just using fresh breast milk is certainly not always possible so freezing it is perfectly fine. If you are occasionally pumping for the random bottle for when you're away, pump … [Read more...]

Changes in Breast Milk During Pregnancy: Production & Composition

Breast milk production is controlled by hormones during pregnancy - rather than supply & demand - regardless of whether or not you are already nursing a little one when you become pregnant. This hormonal influence is what is responsible for changes in the production and composition of breast milk during pregnancy, and what makes nursing while pregnant different than nursing in other stages of life. The Influence of Progesterone Progesterone and estrogen are some of the hormones that increase to sustain a pregnancy and help the developing baby grow. However, an increase in these hormones also suppresses milk secretion. Some women find … [Read more...]

Anna Naturals: Organic Fenugreek Nursing Tea

There comes a time when a mom may need a little more help establishing a good milk supply. Or she may just be looking for something healthy to drink, rather than drinking water all day. Enter Anna Naturals Organic Fenugreek Nursing Tea. I've tried various brands of nursing teas, and to be honest, I was completely turned off by them because of their taste. Some of them have anise in them which gives it more of a black licorice flavor and smell, and I am not a fan of black licorice. The Anna Naturals organic fenugreek nursing tea ingredients are simple: Organic whole fenugreek seed, organic rooibos, pineapple, apple, rosehips, lemon … [Read more...]

How Long Will Thawed Breast Milk Last?

Once you know how to properly express and freeze your breast milk, you will need to know how long it will stay good after you take it out of the freezer. So how long will thawed breast milk last? If you let the breast milk thaw out in the fridge, you can keep it in the fridge up to 24 hours after it has finished thawing. (Note that it can take around 12 hours to thaw depending on how much milk is in the container and how cold your fridge is). If you warmed the thawed breast milk, do not try to hang on to it. Warmed milk is far more likely to have been exposed to bacterial growth. Why Should Frozen Breast Milk Be Thrown Out Sooner Than … [Read more...]